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Shirani Rea, owner of Peaches Records

Shirani Rea, owner of Peaches Records

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

In collaboration with Kaneshii Vinyl Press

Who are you and your current job :  

My name is Shirani Rea and I’m the President/Owner of Peaches Records. I opened the record store in 1975 because I fell in love with the passion of the musicians in my city (New Orleans) and I wanted to do whatever I could to help them succeed. I wanted the world to hear their music. I run the store with my amazing children Lee and Lillie.

In which city are you located? 

New Orleans, Louisiana

What musical styles do you specialize in?

If a musician has a true gift or talent we’ll carry their music, regardless of style or genre. We have a stage in our store and we’ve had jazz musicians, indie-rockers, country musicians, rappers and more perform with us. We embrace all styles.  

Can you give a small tour of the music scene in your town?

Yes, come on down to NOLA and I’ll show you around …But seriously, we have an incredibly diverse scene. We’re the birthplace of jazz and of course, we’re known for that, but we also have some of the best rappers and producers in the world, a badass metal scene, a long history with the delta blues, and rock n roll. Every day young musicians are drawing influence from local legends and making their own, unique sounds. I always joke that the people of New Orleans are like a pot of gumbo in that there are so many different elements that work together in harmony and I think that’s true for our music scene as well.

What’s it like working in a record shop? 

Pretty orgasmic…Music is love and music is a healer. 

What mind-blowing album are you listing right now

Kamasi Washington ‘Harmony of Difference’—he has an amazing talent and this album as well as the last one (‘Epic’) is incredibly well produced. 

What does it take for an indie record shop to survive?

You have to love what you do. You have to share the love every day.

What does Record Store Day, mean to you and your business? 

Record Store Day is our Christmas. It’s the day that we (as an independent record store) get to shine, artists get to showcase their music and everyone gets to ‘experience’ vinyl. We throw a huge party every year for RSD! This year we’ll have a performance from Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington (a legendary local blues musician). Wendy Blades, the incredible sword swallower, will be performing her circus act. We will have free snow-balls from Hansen’s Sno-Bliz (a New Orleans tradition) and, as always, free beer! 

Tips for musicians launching an album? 

Marketing. Marketing. Marketing. 

5 local musicians to check out!

Can’t narrow it down to five… Allen Toussaint, Dr. John, Irma Thomas, Professor Longhair, PJ Morton, The Meters, Acid Bath, Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington, Trombone Shorty, Curren$y, Flow Tribe… | | 

New Orleans [Louisiana] city guide x  Shirani Rea

Café | Angelo Brocato’s 

Restaurant | Palace Café

Shopping | Magazine Street

Grocery | Rouses

They are local, family owned and focused on quality products. You can find all kinds of fantastic New Orleans specific foods and locally made products there. They also have kind and helpful team members.  |

Other | The Audubon Zoo, Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, Audubon Aquarium, World War II Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, City Park and so much more. The city is filled with exciting activities. If you come to visit, stop by Peaches and we’ll tell you where to check out!


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