Another "Beast Jesus" restoration fail in Spain

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The botched restoration of a carved-wood sculpture of Saint George is provoking anger, laughter—and an unfortunate case of deja vu. A Spanish art teacher’s effort to restore the 16th-century work is being compared to the infamously failed restoration of the Ecco Homo fresco, otherwise known as “Beast Jesus,” in 2012.


Housed at the Church of San Miguel de Estella in Navarre, Spain, the sculpture shows a typical depiction of Saint George on horseback clad in armor and fighting a dragon. The sculpture was commissioned to be restored by the Parrish priest of the church and was carried out by the local teacher. Unfortunately, the 500-year-old artwork now resembles something out of a Disney cartoon: The uniformity of the paint distribution has left Saint George with a pink face, beady eyes, and a garish red and gray suit of armor.

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