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Top 10 Dishes You Must Try When You Are in Bahamas

Top 10 Dishes You Must Try When You Are in Bahamas

Published by BARONMAG

The Bahamas are a perfect destination to get away to. Infested with more than 700 islands and cays, Bahamas are a popular destination to travel to whenever one is looking for a memorable trip to a tranquil place with peaceful inlets and gorgeous seashores. It is common to cruise through this place and try out the dishes aboard, however, the true flavor of the Bahamas can only be tasted if you decide to soak up the sun on the shore and take in the local cuisine available at the food joints there. Putting up there is no problem as well since there are plenty of rental homes in the Bahamas. Apart from that, there are hotels, plush resorts and other lodging options available at your disposal.

The Bahamas is famous for its local cuisine which mainly consists of seafood such as fish, shellfish, lobster, crab and conch. Apart from that, it is also well known for the tropical fruits that grow there, along with the rice and the potatoes. Pork is a clear favourite in the meat section. Here is a list of foods that you must try when you are in the Bahamas.


Conches are a clear winner among the dishes that are served in the Bahamas. The sea snail is famous for its white meat with a slight and subtle orange tinge that adds an extra flavour to it when it makes its way to your platter. There are a number of ways in which a conch can be had here in the Bahamas. From the cracked conches to the Ceviche style conch salad, every recipe is an absolute favourite and a must try when you are on a visit here.


Are you a fan of soups or stews? Then you will definitely love this Bahama specialty. It actually is a mixture of a soup and a stew and is served with a variety of vegetables and some flavourful meat. The aroma of this dish is a sensory treat in itself and is enough to draw you in from the beaches to the restaurant.

Guava Duff 

A perfect haven for people with a sweet tooth, the Guava Duff is a sweetmeat which has made a name for itself in the Bahamas. Pretty spirals are made out of guava jam spread dough, which is then boiled in the water to make this delicacy. Drizzled with brandy or rum, it melts in your mouth and launches an avalanche of flavors on your taste buds.

Rock Lobsters 

Also known as spiny lobsters, these are one of the major exports of the Caribbean. This Bahaman delicacy can be enjoyed as part of a salad or can be simply served steamed or boiled. You can also have it with a choice of sauce and it can be used as a filling for your patties as well. Whenever you are visiting the Bahamas next, make sure these delicious crustaceans are a part of your midday meal.

The Yellow Bird 

The clear queen of the cocktails served in the Bahamas, the yellow bird consists of the so-called national beverage of the Bahamas which is the Rum. A heady concoction of orange juice, pineapple juice, Galliano, apricot brandy, banana liqueur and the favourite rum, the yellow bird is an absolute favourite when it comes to cocktails in the Bahamas.

Baked Crab 

Baked Crab is wildly popular among the locals in the Bahamas. The crab, which is a favorite among seafood options popular in the Caribbean is seasoned with bread crumbs, eggs, and other flavourful seasonings and is baked in the original shell of the crab. A perfect accompaniment with any juicy cocktail while chilling on a beach.

Pigeon Peas and Rice 

Made from pork, pigeon peas (a staple bean of the Caribbean and Latin America), celery, rice, tomatoes, and thyme, this dish is a popular and common dish in the Bahamas and is a must try when you visit the islands.


Johnnycakes are basically very similar to cornbread from America. It is the unofficial bread of the Bahaman cuisine. Made of milk, butter, flour, and sugar, Johnnycakes are a delectable delicacy to be consumed as an accompaniment to stews or curries.

Rum Cake 

As mentioned before, rum is definitely the national alcohol of the Bahamas. Rum cake made from rum can very well be termed as the national dessert of the Bahamas as well. The rich dessert which is usually baked in a typical Bundt pan is soft and creamy in texture. It also contains rum poured generously both into the cake batter as well as the sauce. In Freeport or at the Half Moon Cay, the rum cake is an absolute favorite and a menu staple across abundant eateries in the Bahamas.

Bahama Mama 

The Bahamas is popular for both its beaches and its beverages. And the Bahama Mama is one of the most popular cocktails of the islands. As predicted easily, this cocktail also contains a generous amount of rum mixed with coffee flavored liqueur, freshly squeezed pineapple juice and lemon juice. It is a refreshing and rejuvenating cocktail that can be consumed with or without any accompaniments. This drink is sure to give you a high after a stroll around the beach.

Bahaman food is an eclectic mix of the southern American and the Caribbean cuisines. It takes the best from both the cuisines and also excels with its choice and impressive serving of seafood. Bahaman food is sure to refresh your mood with each serving.