Car rental in Canada: which insurance to choose?

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When making a car rental in Canada, it is essential to know which insurance to choose. And this little game, there are many options that we propose to discover in this article logically entitled "car rental in Canada: what insurance to choose? ".

Renting a car in Canada or in any other country is a convenient service that provides a good means of transportation abroad. However, if the rates charged are relatively cheap in Canada, renting strictly speaking a car costs only a few tens of dollars per day. When we add the insurance costs, then the bill can vary from single to double, and some even triple.

It is impossible to make a car rental in Canada, without taking a personal injury or property insurance against others, with or without a deductible. If for Canadian citizens, it is possible to use his personal auto insurance, including by operating the damage clause to vehicles not belonging to the insured. This option is unfortunately not available for a foreign citizen except those living in the United States.

How to choose your car rental insurance?

So for tourists from other parts of the world, the insurance offered by the car rental company is the simplest option, but also often the most expensive. Some car rental companies offer an economical option, provided you make the reservation before departure. Few people know that their credit card often provides third-party insurance or protection against damage to others. To find out more about the proposed insurance policy, you will need to check with the issuer of the credit card or bank.

Unlike in Europe, car rental insurance in Canada is broken down into two parts: third-party liability insurance and leased vehicle damage insurance. A practice that can surprise tourists traveling to Canada, since in Europe this two insurance are grouped together in the same policy, and are generally included in the price of car rental.

Before renting a vehicle or traveling to Canada, it is essential to avoid administrative procedures. It is imperative to care about canadian visa application before leaving. This is all the more important in the case of damage.

Optional car rental insurance

In Canada, for example, third-party liability covers all damages to others or equipment, for a rental vehicle, it is possible to subscribe to a "collision damage waiver", which, as the name indicates, covers the insured person. damage to the vehicle during an accident. Finally, the flight protection allows as the name suggests to cover itself in case of theft of the vehicle. In Canada, there are many options in terms of insurance for a vehicle rental, including excess deductible zero option, refundable deductible, and super coverage.

These options can significantly reduce the number of deductibles. Optional insurances such as the "Personal Accident Insurance" ASP or the "Personal Effects Coverage" cover all medical expenses in the event of an accident with the rental vehicle, while the CEP covers the theft of your belongings in the rental vehicle, provided you prove the value of the items with an invoice.

During a car rental in Canada, the choice of its insurance is not to take lightly, because if the material damage in case of an accident will be summarized in a simple invoice according to the insurance policy chosen. In case of injury to the driver, passengers or others the quality of the insurance can make all the difference. The number one point to check is undoubtedly the coverage of hospitalization costs. In particular, when the care induces a surplus of expenses of hospitalization. To remedy this, tourists visiting Canada are advised to take out travel insurance with strong medical and hospital protection.