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How to Opt Damage-Free Wall Decor? Choose Wallpics Photo Tiles

How to Opt Damage-Free Wall Decor? Choose Wallpics Photo Tiles

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Decorating your home walls in a stylish way so that all eyes turn toward it and you garner compliments from all corners is something that everyone seeks for. However, in this process, most of you ignore the risk that you take, which can damage your house walls in such a way that you end up investing your money in getting the walls painted again. Wallpics understands this and that is why offers you an amazing method to decorate your walls with the help of your own pictures.

Choosing Wallpics means you are opting for a damage-free wall décor and if you do not agree then you must scroll down to learn more about Wallpics and why it is considered the best option for you.

Wallpics-a new way to decorate your walls

Whether you have a metallic paint on the walls of your abode or not, it doesn’t matter if you are choosing Wallpics. This is the way that ensures your walls remain beautiful without much expenditure and damage to your walls.

You must be having some pictures of yours, which is close to your heart and you have something special to tell about it. When did you take or why did you take and all these questions’ answers make these snaps stand out from the rest of the photographs, thereby giving you an opportunity to tell your story. Interestingly, with the help of Wallpics, you can take advantage of this fact and try decorating your house with it in a more practical way rather than getting it framed and hanging it on the walls with the help of nails.

Why choose Wallpics?

There are innumerable reasons that make Wallpics the best option for you. Here some of the important ones have been discussed:

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It is damage free

Wallpics are the best way to decorate your home walls not only because it is an amazing way but also because it ensures that your walls remain damage free. This means that when you use Wallpics then it ensures that it keeps your wall safe from any type of marks. The special sticky double-sided adhesives used in Wallpics customized images are such that when you take the picture off it comes out clean without any paint. This way you do not have to get your walls repainted, thereby saving money. Furthermore, it also leaves no marks, which means your wall remains clean.

It requires no nails to hang

Another thing that makes these Wallpics a damage-free and safe wall decorative item is the fact that it doesn’t require any nails to hang. You do not need to make a hole in your wall and use any screw or nails to place Wallpics. These photographs can easily be pasted on the wall. It needs no extra effort and is easy to use. Perhaps that is why it is considered the simplest yet one of the most beautiful ways to enhance the look of your room.

It can be moved around

You do not want to keep these customized images in your living room anymore then you can peel it off and stick it in the other room. This means it can move around easily and you do not have to spend money again on getting new Wallpics. You can try any room which you wish to and the photographs will look appealing and attractive even when you reuse it. The snaps do not deteriorate in looks as these Wallpics are of high-quality.

It is customized

Wallpics are technically customized photo tiles. This means you can bring the changes as per your wish. However, it is highly advisable to consider the place where you will be placing it before making the final call. This way you will be able to get the images in the size that suits your room. You can even create beautiful designs with these pictures as these are meant to give a fashionable touch to your walls.

It redefines home decor

Attached to many memories of yours with the photographs, Wallpics tells your story on the walls of your house making it a home. The joy that you experience not only while deciding where to place the pics, but also in selecting which photographs you should go with and which not. The whole process of decorating your home with Wallpics is so charming that it gives home décor a new definition and it becomes fun for you.

It is highly attractive

Definitely, when anyone visits you he or she will be impressed with this new style of embellishing your home walls with precious photographs, thereby turning these pictures into gems. These are very eye-catchy as it has stylish shape and glaze in the photo makes it unique to look at. It has something to tell others about your life and the memorable moments of your life. All these attributes of Wallpics make it irresistibly appealing and attractive.

It is easy to place an order

The whole process of placing an order of Wallpics is also very easy and simple. You do not have to spend long hours on it. The first thing is just to download Wallpics App and then upload the selected pictures on the app. Now place the order and you will receive the customized photographs from Wallpics at your front door. You do not have to take any extra effort other than downloading Wallpics App, which is available in the Apple store. This mobile application from Wallpics is meant for both the Android as well as iOS users.


Make your walls enticing with Wallpics as this is the only wall décor that keeps your wall free from any types of damage which are caused due to the usage of nails or glue. You just need to stick it and it won’t peel off the wall paint when taken off. This makes it reusable and you can easily move it around. You just need to download Wallpics App and you can decorate your home with your pleasant memories.