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2018’s Food Trends That Are Instagram-Worthy

2018’s Food Trends That Are Instagram-Worthy

Published by BARONMAG

Food Trends Worth Instagramming

There’s no denying that social media has changed the world. You’re probably already aware of how it influences culture, ideas, and even political elections. But it goes much deeper than that. Businesses have their own accounts on various platforms, of course, but they also rely on endorsements and publicity from satisfied customers, and also you might need a company to help you growth hack your Instagram.

For most millennials, after all, if you didn’t post it on Instagram, it didn’t happen. And if their post catches the eyes of their friends, their interest could be sparked. In addition, the more a brand is tagged, the better its profile and search result rankings.

It is essential to follow the trends on Instagram, and the food is becoming one of them. The more likes your photos have, the higher are chances for sharing and tagging. You could also use a little help from IG services like, offering fast and reliable likes packages starting at $1.

For the food and beverage industry, the biggest platform is Instagram. In the past, the most important thing about what was being eaten or drunk was how it tasted. Now the visual appearance is just as much of a priority. For something to sell well, it has to be Instagram-worthy.

Food is Getting Instagram-Friendly

Eateries are responding to what their diners want. Grind, a café chain in London, has made every aspect of its décor and food more Instagrammable. In 2016, every tabletop was replaced with white marble because it is known to look good on Instagram. And at Tea Terrace, also in London, it is possible to buy a “Selfieccino” – a cappuccino with your face scanned onto the foam using a special printer.

The challenge is making food that is visually appealing, and also delicious. Serious Instagrammers will become loyal customers to foods that get them impressive amount of likes, while also delighting their taste buds. So what are the latest trends worthy of making it onto your newsfeed – and into your belly?


Doughnuts with unusual toppings, fillings and colours have been popular among social media foodie for a while, because they are so photogenic. Find them at food markets and artisanal bakeries everywhere, and next time you are in New Your City, make sure you pop by Holey Cream.

This snug parlor combines doughnuts with ice cream, with incredible flavor combinations. Look through their menu, or create a masterpiece of your own. You can also add toppings to these ultimate ice cream sandwiches that will make them even more irresistible – and more beautiful.

Matcha-Flavoured Anything

Superfoods, in general, are becoming Instagram favourites. Matcha is part of this group, but the crushed green tea leaves actually preceded this trend. Originally its big attraction for posters was its vibrant green color, used to make lattes look more interesting.

Now, ticking the boxes for both visual and nutritional appeal, matcha is being seen in pancakes, macaroons, chocolate, ice cream and even as a coating for strawberries. You’re likely to find it at any vibrant eatery or food store. Take a picture in the right light to add a pop of color to your newsfeed.

Black Food

The visual impact of squid ink pasta is perfect for the sophisticated Instagrammer, and chefs are finding other ways to color their offerings black. This is sometimes known as “anti-unicorn”, since it bucks the notion of making anything better by adding unicorn motifs – another wildly popular trend.

Squid ink can also be used to make buns, while activated charcoal creates ashy, blackish ice cream and other treats, including cocktails. Bolder restaurants and food stalls are using the ingredient now, and it packs the same double punch as matcha; as well as looking good on Instagram it is espoused as a healthful detoxifier.

Also, since it doesn’t taste of anything, it won’t affect flavor profiles. Pressed juice company Botanic Lab, in the United Kingdom, combines raw cane, activated charcoal, and yuzu into a tangy, onyx elixir. A post of this is sure to increase your followers and hipster status. Whether it decreases your toxin levels or not is something you will need to decide for yourself.