Wachusett Brewing Company | Case Study

Unless you live in New England, you might not be aware of one of the country’s largest craft breweries. And even if you are, you might be surprised at how Wachusett Brewing Company carved itself a niche on a humble style that’s decidedly local.
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In the knee-jerk–reaction climate surrounding beer these days, the philosophy that Wachusett Brewing Company (Westminster, Massachusetts) espouses sounds almost quaint.

“For us, it’s a classic case of doing the right things, staying true to ourselves, and letting the business come to us,” says Christian McMahan, the brewery’s president.

The brewery, which broke into the Brewers Association top-fifty craft breweries list earlier this year, also got a boost in overall business by being an early adaptor of the hard-seltzer craze. [Article from brewingindustryguide.comRead more at brewingindustryguide.com