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Homesick Canadians Can Try This In Australia To Settle Down

Homesick Canadians Can Try This In Australia To Settle Down

Published by BARONMAG

Though pursuing your education in an international country is always a good opportunity to progress, it becomes quite tricky to not miss your native land when you’re residing in a foreign country. So are you searching some tips to get rid of the constant homesick feeling? Fret not! Here is a list of exciting activities you can practice in Australia when you’re missing your native country. Let’s have a look:

7 Tips to Enjoy Your Stay in Australia

•Become a hockey player
When it comes to keeping your mind occupied with some thrilling activities in a non-native region, why not try some interesting sports? Hockey, one of the main sports of Australia can definitely bring enthusiasm in your life. Fortunately, Sydney Ice Arena conducts various social leagues every Sunday and Thursday. Furthermore, you can also participate in the Ice Hockey League to get a fine experience.

•Visit the Kodiak club
If you’re missing the impressive clubs of your native land Canada then why not try visiting the Kodiak club in Australia? Heralded is one of the most preferred Kodiak clubs in Melbourne that offers you the same fun you might have had in your Canadian clubs. In addition to the spectacular bar and Root Beer Float, you can enjoy delicious snacks including burgers, ribs, poutine, and wings.

•Hit your nearby Casino
If you are someone who loves playing at the casinos then Australia has some renowned and high-class casinos for you. You can even try playing at some online Australian casinos. In fact, it can help you encounter experienced players with whom you can play your favourite games.
What’s more? As today’s casinos have reached an advanced level, you can enjoy playing thousands of games at your convenient space.

•Opt for skiing and snowboarding

Though Australia isn’t a country with striking slopes, you would definitely like the snowboarding and skiing experience in the winter months. Some of the exciting locations to try skiing and snowboarding in Australia during the winter includes New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.

•Join a Canadian society
As there exist almost all sorts of societies in the Australian Institutes, it would not be a tricky job to find a Canadian group and join them. This especially works for the people who miss their family, friends, and loved ones in Canada. You just gotta approach the group of Canadian people and that’s it! You’ll feel better to see the people of your region in a non-native land where adjusting with the Australian people looks tough. 

•Go to a film festival
Possible Worlds Annual Film festival in Australia’s capital Sydney is especially known for presenting some top-notch pictures from the United States and Canada to the residents of Australia. And, the surprising news is ‘the film festival in Australia is planning to show the series of continual programs so that the people would not have to wait for the festival to watch their favourite screening. You can go and watch a Canadian film anytime you wish.

•Go surfing
Trying out Australia’s National Equivalent Surfing is a better idea than missing your home country and your loved ones, isn’t it? If you really want to spend quality time surfing in Australian oceans, it is worth visiting Queensland. Apart from surfing, Queensland has several beaches, café, and trekking spots that can make your trip a memorable one.

So trying the above-listed activities in Australia, you are not gonna miss Canada anymore. Though you may still not be able to connect with your loved ones, encountering people from different walks of life would still be exciting.