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Read this before you head to Spain

Read this before you head to Spain

Published by BARONMAG

Spain is always a good idea. Whether you are headed to the beautiful country for the sunshine or for the sights, every experience is always worth it. The best thing about Spain is the diversity in everything you come across, right from the culture, language, and food. Spain is difficult to resist and once you explore this beautiful destination, you will want to come again. Each time you visit Spain, it is a completely new experience filled with diversity and brilliant surprises. Here are some tips to help you on your next visit to Spain.

1. Spain is huge

You need to remember this one. Spain is not a small country and if you think you have seen it all by visiting Barcelona and Madrid, you are wrong. Spain is huge, and with the help of a rental car from a company like, you can plan a road trip to see the best of everything in the country. It is diverse in both culture and geography.

2. The best views are not where you are expecting them to be

Skip the top sightseeing options in Spain and talk to a local for the best views. Nobody knows the country better than a local. Get to know about their favorite, less crowded spots and head there for an unforgettable experience.

3. Move out of the cities

There is no denying the fact that Spain does have some of the most beautiful cities but the country is not limited to that. Do not think that the cities are all there is to explore. Move to the Mediterranean coast and the Basque region mountains. There are ample of sites for the traveler to explore in this stunning country.

4. Siestas are for real

Spain is known for the love of siestas and it is a pretty big deal there. Between 1 to 4 pm, the offices, restaurants, and shops will remain shut only for a little afternoon nap. Keep this in mind when you explore the country and take the time off to chill or relax.

5. Pintxos go best with pre-dinner drinks

A quick snack, pintxos are a must-try when in Spain. They go well with an early evening drink with your friends. You can enjoy pintxos with wine or beer and they are easily available at the bar.

6. Spain is not Spanish

Spain is not just Spanish, you should not think that Spain has a single national identity. Different regions of Spain have strong identities and people are proud of the same. The architecture, culture, language, and food are different across the various regions of Spain. If you are headed to Barcelona, learn a little Catalan.

7. You might get lost in Spain

Although the roads in Spain are pretty great, you might want to use the navigation or use Google Maps on your phone. It will ensure that you concentrate while driving in an unknown country and will also ensure that you do not get lost.

8. Eat what the locals eat

The biggest thing about Spain is that you need to eat where the locals are eating. You should follow the footsteps of the locals to discover the best food. If you see a restaurant that is brimming with locals, this is where you should go. Surprise yourself and you will discover something new.

9. Embrace the culture

Traveling to any country requires you to discover the culture on your own. Different countries have unique cultures and you need to delve into them with open arms. Live like the locals do and ensure that you are not doing anything that will insult their culture. For an authentic travel experience, you need to keep an open mind and embrace their culture like a local.

10. Enjoy the relaxed way of life

If you are looking for a destination away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, pick Spain. Life moves at a relaxed pace here and it is nice to see a different perspective of living your life at a slow pace. Make your booking in advance and choose the one that gives you comfort and luxury. You can book a resort or try this one for your next trip.

Traveling to Spain is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and if you embrace their way of life, you will have the best holiday. One trip to Spain is never enough and once you visit the beautiful country, you will be left asking for more. On every trip you will be able to discover something new about the beautiful country.