Not many home designers think of the mirrored dressing table when advising their clients on the best way to decorate their new house. It is true that this classic piece of furniture that was once a part of every bedroom has now become old-fashioned. But there are five very good reasons to bring it back.

1. It Saves Time

The mirrored dressing table is a miracle sent from the heavens to the independent and busy twenty-first century women, even if it has origins in the medieval times. Back then, a dressing table was a piece of furniture meant for women to make themselves beautiful for men. But now the ‘tables’ have turned and it’s a brilliant, time-saving thing. If you’re always on the go and your makeup is all over everywhere, a good dressing table with several drawers can keep your makeup organized and all in one place. You can hide things you don’t use every day in the drawers, while having only your daily makeup out. Plus, it reduces the risk of children and pets choking on the little pieces or getting injured. It also saves time when cleaning your room.

2. It Makes You Feel Like a Movie Star

Pretty much every movie since the day of their invention and until the twentieth century has featured a female character getting ready at her dressing table. And then after the scene is shot, the actress would go back to her personal dressing room to take her makeup off. Having your own mirrored dressing table might just make you feel like a Marilyn Monroe of the new age, which would surely make your getting-ready routine so much more fun. Psychologically speaking, starting the day in a good mood can boost your energy and creativity levels, getting you ready for the productive day ahead.

3. It Adds a Unique Touch to the Room

Due to smaller room sizes and the fast-paced modern lifestyle, mirrored dressing tables are rarer than a good night’s sleep. That is also why owning one would add a truly unique touch to your room design. It’s also a great conversation starter and something to show off to your friends. Chances are every one of them has dreamed about having their own dressing table at some point growing up.

4. It looks very French

A vintage mirrored dressing table can add French elegance to your room décor. It is one of the key things you should definitely consider purchasing if French style is what you’re aiming for. Many French movies or those set in France have featured the classic dressing table. The table is also something to consider if your ideal home design isn’t French specifically, but still has a sense of luxury to it. There are plenty of modern dressing tables to choose from for a more luxurious aesthetic without the expense of vintage furniture.

5. It’s a Great Way to Express Yourself

With so many styles, shapes and colors to choose from, a mirrored dressing table can be a great way to express yourself. Decorate with your favorite stickers, posters, flowers, books and lights to make the place feel more like home. You can also choose to cover it with all the things that make you feel inspired, from song lyrics to photos of your friends to posters of your favorite artists.

With a wide range of mirrored dressing tables, whether cheap or more expensive, owning one can be a practical way to improve your daily routine, while at the same time adding fun, style, and personality to your room.

image: Photo by from Pexels