Parasitic Infections: Symptoms and Need for Parasite Cleansing


Parasites are everywhere. They are basically the organisms who feed on the living body such as an animal, a plant or a human body. They stick on to the body, or host, and depend on it for food and shelter. They extract nutrients from their host, which can create many problems for the host on which they are leeching. These parasites can cause many infections in the human body, especially when their immune system is not strong enough to fight these parasites.

These parasites are of many types and can affect a different part of our body in different ways. The different types of parasites can be yeast, virus, bacteria or even worms like tapeworms, flatworms, flukes, roundworms, pinworms, etc. People who are very healthy and have a strong immune system have the caliber to fight these parasites and prevent many diseases and infections. But for those bodies with the weak immune system, it can be a very big problem causing numerous infections, and problems to our stomach, intestines, skin, lungs, kidney, bladder, etc.

It can be confusing to know and diagnose whether you are being infected by some harmful parasites. Their symptoms can be very minor and hard to identify. They are usually confused with other diseases and infections. You can go through the following set of symptoms in order to recognize the effect of parasites on the functioning of your body:

Digestive problems: Parasitic infection affects the digestion system of the body which is responsible for the proper functioning of your body. Parasites infect liver and gallbladder and cause IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). As our immunity is weak and we keep on consuming food which increases the growth of parasites, we also tend to regularly suffer from problems like gas, constipation diarrhea, and bloating. The regular occurrence of these problems indicates the presence of harmful parasites in the body.

Respiratory problems: There are some harmful parasites which cause problems in our respiratory system and causes problems. Parasites like lung flukes attack our respiratory system which leads to problems like shortage of breath, feeling suffocated and burning lungs.

Allergies: Allergies are one of the major symptoms of parasitic infection. Allergies occur when parasites affect the digestive system. With the improper functioning of the digestive system, there are certain foods that cause uneasiness and irritation.

Weight gain: The consumption of sugar and carbohydrates encourages the growth of parasites which further leads to an increase in cravings for food containing sugar and carbohydrates. The cravings and consumption of such things eventually result in weight gain.

Trouble in sleeping: There are some parasites that get charged and are active while you sleep. They cause irritation and sometimes itching, which makes us very uncomfortable and it gets difficult to get a sound sleep.

Lack of nutrients: As these parasites stay on the human bodies and suck out food from them, they extract many nutrients and minerals which are important for the efficient functioning of our body. Lack of nutrition may lead to joint pains, weak immune system, depleted energy and even excess of hair fall.

Other symptoms may include teeth grinding, fatigue, unexpected body pains, mood swings, and low energy level.

Need for Parasite Cleaning:

If your body is not strong enough to fight these parasites, it is important that you take measures to cleanse your body from parasites in order to protect yourself from many diseases and infections. The process of removing these harmful and unwanted parasites from our body is known as parasite cleansing. There are several ways in which we can get rid of these parasites lurking in every corner of our body:

Modify your Diet: Our diets have major effects on the organisms which are residing in our body. Some food products like sugar, carbohydrates, and grains have the power to increase and multiply the quantity of parasites in our body whereas some food products have the ability to eliminate and flush out these organisms and toxins released by them, like garlic, ginger, turmeric, pumpkin and papaya seeds, and some raw vegetables and fruits.

Strengthening the immune system: Making yourself healthy and strengthening your immune system is the most natural way of parasite cleansing. If our immunity is strong, our body automatically fights these harmful organisms. There are many ways through which you can boost your immune system and lead a healthy life.

Taking necessary supplements: There are some organic anti-parasites supplements which help in eliminating and throwing the unwanted parasites out of our body. One should take these supplements after proper consulting their doctor.