Toothache Issue 4 Out Now!

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Toothache Issue 4  includes a group of crazy talented chefs. It features a wide range of chefs from Mexico City, Texas, New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, San Francisco, Spain, London, and Italy. Like our previous issues, this magazine is made by chefs, for chefs. It aims to give some of the media power back to the chefs and it gives them free reign over what content they would like to share. The chefs featured are:

Jorge Vallejo (Quintonil), Merlin Labron-Johnson (Portland, Clipstone), Julia Sullivan (Henrietta Red), Ryan and Matthew Poli (Catbird Seat), Nina Compton (Compere Lapin), Zach Meloy (Pulpit Suppers), Justin Yu(Theodore Rex), Andrea Dopico (Alabriga Hotel & Home Suites), Tavel Bristol-Joseph (Emmer and Rye, Henbit), Nick Muncy (Toothache), Caitlyn Jarvis (Henrietta Red), Greg Mindel (Neighbor Bakehouse) and Silvia Federica Boldetti (Freelance Pastry Chef).