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6 Creative and Unique Living Room Lighting Ideas

6 Creative and Unique Living Room Lighting Ideas

Published by Programme B

Living room lighting can range from dramatic to dimmed and bold to basic. With living room lighting, you’ll find that there are different fixtures including chandeliers, table lamps, wall sconces, and floor lamps. You may also decide to go for other fixtures such as hanging lanterns, and pendant lights.

Regardless of what you choose, lighting is the most crucial factor in your living room. Whatever the design of your living room, creative living room lighting ideas .

1. Industrial Lighting

A wide encompassing choice, industry lighting includes crafting lighting using factory type material like the wall design or old crafted material used in old factories like the Industrial Revolution era lamps or the early 1900s Friar bulbs. A Friar bulb can work as a pendant light in the center of the room. It can add opulence to the place and give your living room a more traditional or country like feel.

2. Natural Element

This style offers a unique element from nature. For instance, a hanging bulb or lamp, affixed to a twisted tree stump, tree vine or a log make excellent lamp base. It’s also important to remember that the light is not supposed to be too high or low above the ground. This needs to be considered especially if you have small children who might bounce on sofa sets. A shorter or close to ceiling fixture is now what’s trending. Don’t install lights right over sofa sets.

3. Reclaimed Lighting

Reclaimed lighting has been a popular choice for people looking to have a traditional means of lighting. Whether you want to light your driveway or the dark parts of the garden, reclaimed lighting will serve you best.

4. Old Style Table Lamps

A table lamp makes a style statement while providing light for relaxing and reading. Matching lamps in all corners of the living room add balance in the place, but different lamps add style and a more modern twist. Readers prefer a lamp that has easy flexibility; a lamp that can be swiveled or has a movable arm as well.

5. Ceiling Lighting

Of course, you can brighten your living room with a ceiling fixture light. But with fluorescent flip and LED bar lights, living room lighting has never been stylish and creative. These lights are especially great to use when there is no enough room for table lamps or wall mounted lights.

6. Funky Lighting

With a little know-how and creativity, you or an electrician can turn a discarded item into a unique lamp, like a broken cage or a thrown-out utensil with an Edison bulb. You could even consider creating your own Custom Neon lights so you can make something to suit your style and taste. Something else to think about would be that in a living room, switches should be considered. There’s nothing more frustrating than to get out off your sofa to turn on or off the light. Properly placed switches keep everyone happy.


Did you enjoy reading these living room lighting ideas? Apply them to create a unique design but remember not to overdo your living room.