Royal Canoe releases new single 77-76!

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You may have noticed the new Royal Canoe lyric video for "77-76" featuring fans and friends of the band, if you haven't watched it yet you are missing out (check it out here!).

"'77-76" is about seeing a storm approaching on the horizon," says the band's Matt Peters. "The ship is beginning to rock back and forth violently, but the captain is drunk. Your last captain was alright, but this new one is an idiot. You go up on the deck and see the sky darkening fast. In spite of that, all you can do is hope the crew can rally on their own and keep the ship above water. You always find a way."


In two weeks Waver, the third full-length album from Royal Canoe will be released. There are still a few copies of the hand-numbered gold vinyl available that you can pre-order from the Paper Bag Records shop. 


On Waver, the band is steering into new terrain. The sun-flared polaroid life of previous albums is exchanged for a miraged-out, ominous landscape. The band still has their kaleidoscopic, beat-driven heart, but these songs play with the absurdity of modern life. When the truth is optional when the most volatile people have the most power when reality becomes irrational - what do you anchor to?