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Important Tips for Your First Cruise added to your queue

Important Tips for Your First Cruise added to your queue

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If you’re an experienced vacationer, you may be at a point where you’ve run out of ideas for adventures with your friends and family. Hiking through mountains, betting at casinos, site-seeing in major cities, and surfing huge waves at beaches are popular options for spending time off, but one unique avenue you might want to take (if you haven’t already) is a cruise.

Exploring cruise & stay packages provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the best that luxury hotels have to offer while witnessing great scenery in an environment not normally inhabited by humans. Here are some important tips to remember if this is your first cruise.

Budget smart

Cruises aren’t exactly the cheapest option for vacations, so you need to have the right amount of money stored away so you can enjoy everything your cruise has to offer. You should be prepared to spend money on rooms, food, drinks, casinos, waterparks, and other activities.

Some cruises are more expensive than others, and their options for activities will determine how much you’ll have to save. Other offerings that you may want to budget for include spa treatments and specialty restaurants, depending on what you like to eat.

Pick the right room(s)

Finding the right room on your cruise affects not only how much you’ll be able to relax, but also how much you’ll be able to have fun. If you have no issues with heights or being out on the ocean and away from civilization, then it’s best to get a room that gives you a view of the ocean, which is great to take photos of when the sun comes up and goes down. But if you want to stay closer to the beach, something like a Palm Beach cruise may be what you’re looking for.

However, you’ll need to factor in whether you or someone in your group is claustrophobic. In this case, it’s best to find a balcony stateroom that provides plenty of space, as well as another opportunity to get great views of the water.

Pack accordingly

What you bring with you on your cruise depends on what you have planned. You may just be looking for some time off venturing solo — in which case, you may not need to bring much as if you are going with friends and family. However, if your cruise comes with waterparks or golf excursions, then you’ll need the bathing suits and golf clubs necessary for a fun time.

You’ll also need to be prepared in case there’s any chance of rain during your cruise. Sunscreen and towels are necessary for staying dry and avoiding sunburns, and this is also an opportunity to show off your new clothes designed for nice weather.

Find a cruise with a gym

Buffets are among the best things you come across on a cruise ship, and picking the right cruise gives you access to a wide variety of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, it also helps to have a gym onboard so that you can work off the calories and not feel guilty about filling yourself up later in the day.

Make sure that the gym has a variety of workout equipment, so you have new exercises to try out each day of your cruise. This also helps in case you don’t have time to work out leading up to the cruise, and it helps you ensure a summer body for later in the year.

Collect souvenirs

One of the best activities that we get to engage in while on vacation is buying souvenirs that help us remember our adventures, especially when the pictures we take aren’t enough. Cruises make it easy to get your hands on souvenirs, whether they’re on the ship or at one of the areas you stop by.

You can buy new clothes that wouldn’t be available at the malls at home, or figurines that are representative of the area’s culture. Buying one souvenir will most likely lead to buying plenty more as the day goes on, so make sure that the budget allows for you to have a fun collection.

Photo by Matthew Barra from Pexels