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Top 10 Reasons How Our Office Productivity Affects Our Businesses

Top 10 Reasons How Our Office Productivity Affects Our Businesses

Published by Programme B

It should come as no surprise that how we work and not what we work is key for a successful business. There are several factors that go into office productivity, some you might be aware of and other factors trickier to spot as being the culprit for low or weak productivity.

1. Collaboration Tools

Employees need to communicate with high level, whether among themselves, with customers or you. Ability to share ideas or documents easily is crucial.

2. Obsolete Equipment

Obsolete equipment that is used often in the workplace will clearly slow down businesses. Getting an obsolete tech to start up and work is a waste of time, 4 weeks of each year, to be exact, according to one study. With just a little bit of research you’ll be able to go a long way in getting the right equipment for the right prices. We know how important having printers are, amongst other things, so make sure you check out this top 10 list to get great reviews on the best kinds of home printers out there.

3. Multiple Screens

Microsoft researchers found that using multiple screens actually increases productivity from anywhere between 9-50%. It was found that increasing user display space simplified the tasks at hand.

4. Clutter

Desk clutter can go over the top and employees find themselves searching for the simplest things that just happen to be buried under the clutter, be it important papers or a variety of other things. They can all be organized using desk organizers. A study showed 4.3 hours a week is wasted searching through the clutter. Also, we receive information by so many means now, work messages on your phone or laptop also need to be organized which is not a problem considering the variety of tools available.

5. CRM

Customer Relationship Management tools put your employees directly in touch with customers building strong relationships which allows for more revenue based on customer data.

6. Providing Flexible Hours

On the social front, the theory goes that you don’t have to be in an office to get work done. A survey conducted in the UK, showed that people provided with flexible hours believed they added 6.7 working hours more than when they did during a regular desk job.

7. Open Space Office

An open-plan office layout accommodates for more room, but also accommodates for a lot of noise. Side conversations, squeaky cabinets opening and closing, cell phones going off and a host of other unwanted noise has been shown to account for 66% less productivity.

8. Digital Transformation

Know what you want to achieve for customers and based on that you can see which areas of work need to go digital.

9. Productivity Apps

From organizational calendars to time trackers, there are a variety of apps that get work moving. Depending on the app, they are a means to keep track of everything happening in the office.

10. LMS

Learning Management System is web-based learning and keeps employees updated in their line of work. It can be used to train and provide various workshops and evaluates progress made.

Enhancing productivity

There are many things in your hands that can improve productivity. Providing new means and better technology ensure higher productivity. Employees are your asset, so you need to give them the proper conditions if you want better productivity.