Sex dolls have long been around, and with advances in body ergonomics technology and sex doll industry, new sex dolls come with the capabilities that were earlier imagined only, like moaning, ribbed vagina, realistic medical grade TPE skin and skeleton that allows them to remain in your favorite position as long as you want. AI sex dolls have taken a step forward with moaning sounds and most intimate conversion capabilities that will make any real woman jealous of them. Here, we have come up with the top-selling sex dolls that are poised to make prostitution a thing of the past.


Nancy will allow you to have sexual pleasure with her at your terms and let you create the sex life you always fantasized about. This 23-year-old Barista at a Starbucks in Virginia simply loves to deep throat a hard rock as much as she loves to ride a hard cock. Nancy has unlimited sex desire and has never got enough of it till now. This 165 cm TPE sex doll emanates sexy moan voice by air pressure as you thirst your manhood into her soft, ribbed vagina. Nancy may look innocent and tender at first sight but she is a real sensation in the bedroom. Try her to test this yourself.


This slim body sex doll comes with vaginal, oral and anal capabilities. This most realistic sex doll has a very inviting vagina and a sinful body that she wants you to exploit to the maximum. This lookalike of your favorite porn flick will intrigue your manhood to play with her bodily delights. From her tight tits to perfectly planned curves, Cristina is a real deal for the man who loves curves. This 148 cm most realistic sex doll comes with whole body heating capabilities as her TPE body heats to the normal human body temperature, so you won’t be entering a cold vagina when having sex with Cristina in the shower, bedroom or in the backseat.


Brooke is a stripper at Wisconsin. People simply go mad as she pops her blouse wide open and uncovers her spectacular titties for an amazing view by all. The playful boobs of this big breast sex doll are simply voluptuous and you won’t be able to resist yourself hiding your mouth in between them as you lick both of them simultaneously and squeeze them to her pleasing moaning. Brooke lifelike sex doll is very fond of swimming and fancies to have sofa sex with her man in winters. This love doll maintains a shaved pussy and won’t let you sleep at night until you cum deep inside her luscious pussy for a couple of times.


This personal trainer blonde has a well-maintained body and is very fond of her golden curly hairs that she flaunts so proudly. Maria ensures that her vagina is always set up for utmost sexual experiences, that’s why she takes regular vaginal rejuvenation therapy to keep her luscious pussy in the best condition for intense love. This no-nonsense love doll poses straight down to your most favorite position; her articulated skeleton and TPE body allow her to do it for you with ease. This bestselling life-size sex doll will let you be in complete control of her as she is very obedient. This love doll will have you late for work if you do not do it the first thing in the morning, as she has a strong fascination for morning sex.


Emma European love doll features an extremely detailed design and articulated skeleton that allows her to take any position with her that you fancied about. “I love eating donuts as much as I love eating a little bit of hot dick, and you would surely love to discover my irresistible softness and womanly qualities as I deliver to you my long-held sexual thirst in a raw state to unravel, on the very first night”, says this air hostess. This love doll knows how to surprise you with her curves and body assets. Emma loves to be blindfolded and would like her to be exploited with bondage gears like a spreader bar, extreme sex stool or sexy ladies harness.

Getting your customized sex doll

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Photo by Designecologist from Pexels