What can better represent a young designer than his/her portfolio? Probably, nothing else. This is why it is very important to develop it from the student years — attractive and decent student portfolio opens doors to the most acknowledged companies all over the world. There are plenty of student portfolio examples on the Internet, which makes it a lot easier to create the one you need. The first minute you do it – you may feel that you have plenty of time for other more important stuff. That's why people use such services, as many times you ask write my essay, please and our editors are always here to help


Anyway, getting rid of college stuff in favor of side projects will bring you additional things that you can add to your portfolio. The easiest way is to search for “write my essay online” and ask the website “do my essay” or “write for me”. However, portfolio design for students is not that simple. This is why we decided to give you some tips on how to do it in a very simple way.

Participate in projects

Sharing your best class projects is one of the best ways to spread a word about you. Do not show everything though. If you are a novice to the industry – then everyone will know that you are still “green” for the serious project. However, if you take two or three classes that were hard and show the results of your work there – it will be well perceived by the employers and clients. There is no need to share information that this was the class project – treat it as a “side project”, and if the work is really good, it will stand out from the crowd.


Participation in competitions is also a plus. If you had some university competitions you won or even extra curriculum activities – this would add more value to the portfolio.

Take a job

Take as many projects as you can afford. Freelance jobs, helping your friends, volunteer projects, etc. Everything that can add up in your portfolio should be there. If you have a lot of stuff to do in college – skip it. Go and search for “write my essay online” or “write my essay uk” to get rid of extra work in your college. You can even ask your friends: “can you write my essay for me?” – just to get an extra minute for the job, as your working experience this what will matter.

Show what you like

Make a brief on what you like in design and what particular sphere you are interested in. Recruiters often want to know where exactly you can apply your set of skills. This is very important, as it will also show them if you have relevant experience. The best way to complete such a thing is to write a summary of all works trying to analyze how you came from one point to another. Show your vision. What you think of the current trends and where you see yourself. Your portfolio if your CV and even more important than that. Be strategic – the lack of relevant experience can be substituted by the thorough layout of the cases you had.

All in all, develop your portfolio form the first day when you decide to become a designer. Today with the help of freelancing services you can expand it to a huge volume of works. Nevertheless, it will take time and effort before you complete a decent collection of cases and projects on your own.