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Questions To Ask A Catering Stamford CT Company

Questions To Ask A Catering Stamford CT Company

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When it comes to catering services, Stamford is a strategic place to look for many catering companies, whether it’s for weddings, corporate events, social parties, or concessional events. Catering companies can be mobile, private, hotel or a restaurant itself. An excellent catering service in any event complements the success of the activity. Since catering comes in various types and categories, it’s a prerequisite to make a clear deal first by asking a caterer the following important questions:

1. To whom am I speaking?

The person you’re dealing with is essential when it comes to discussing the company’s services. Are you talking to the owner, the manager, or a company staff? Knowing the person you’re communicating with will help you decide whether to continue asking questions or to request for the most appropriate person who can answer in detail all your other questions regarding your catering needs.

You should directly communicate with the manager or owner when dealing with the catering packages. For instance, if you are into barbecues for your party, a manager or the owner can give you details why their barbecues are a must-have. If you’re looking for barbecue catering service, click here.

Moreover, it’s vital to make the manager be your contact from beginning to end to avoid confusion and problems in the future. For instance, if you made a deal with a manager but a member of the staff will be the one to pick up where the conversation left off, you might have to repeat all your instructions or specific preferences. It’s also possible for misunderstandings to arise since they might not accomplish your instructions properly since the information is just passed onto them.

2. What makes up your price per plate

This is a way to help you know how the company does per plate costing. It’ll help you determine if it falls under or outside your financial bracket so that you can decide whether to negotiate for upgrades or not. It’s also a determinant whether you should continue with their current catering services or find another company that agrees with your budget.

Moreover, ask what meals or if drinks such as beer or cocktails are included in the price. If you think that the cost doesn’t amount to the food covered, then consider other catering services.

3. Can you provide catering on this date?

Since most of the catering companies don’t accept a same-day service, asking for their availability on the set date of your event is the next most important question. When the company says no, then it’s the end of the discussion; if it’s yes, then proceed with your following questions.

Also, consider asking how many events will they cater to that day. When they have a lot to cater to, it may mean their time with your event is only limited. To be safe, consider a catering service with no commitment on the said date, especially when you have an event that will take more time.

4. How will you run the event?

Know the caterer’s plan: how many servers will be there and how will the food be served? It’s vital to know whether it’s a buffet style or readily served on tables. Remember that caterers don’t just cook, but they will also be responsible for serving and arranging the food. This is a crucial part of any event as it will determine whether it’s appropriate for your party or not. For instance, if it’s a conference and a working-lunch, the catering service must be a serve-on-tables type.

5. How many heads can you serve at a time?

Finding out whether the caterer can accommodate your estimated guests will determine if it’s the proper choice or not. Make sure that the caterer is already experienced in handling a large number of guests at one time.

To verify if they can cater to such number of guests, ask for previous events they have provided their services to. Ask if it’s possible for them to show you a former client’s records in which the number of guests and the type of event are included in the details. Another factor that can tell you how many guests they can attend to is the length of their catering service. Most companies with more operational years have more experience with different kinds of events and the number of guests compared to those who are just starting.

7. Can you provide an approximate breakdown of the costs?

It’s better to be clear that no other hidden charges will be incurred. Clarify to the caterer if the per plate or per head costing covers the labor of servers from setup to breakdown. Some caterers may withhold this information from you until the end of the party. To prevent paying for extra charges you never expected, talk about it during the first meeting.


With lots of catering companies present in Stamford today, you are sure to come across the best catering company in the city. The first step to finding the most suitable caterer for your event is asking the company’s representative questions that would let you know the kind of catering services they offer. The more questions you ask, the more you will get to know not only the catering company you’re dealing with, but it will also help you choose best service suited for your event.