Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have been embraced by almost every second corporate sector. No matter if it is the healthcare industry or transport and logistics, Blockchain has gained immense popularity in no time. In fact, the online gambling industries have also started to bring Blockchain and

technology and applications into the gambling market, allowing users to pay using phone credit to set off the game and earn big winnings. While some casinos have already put this ultramodern technology into practice, others are still finding the ways to digitally transform their online casino.

The most prominent early transformer is FunFair, the organization that claims to modernize online casinos. The concept is pretty interesting as FunFair is providing an opportunity to the folks all across the globe to come up with their online casino, implement Blockchain technology to ensure a safe and reliable platform offering simpler transactions. Besides, FunFair is even offering tokens for the casino companies who adopt this new approach to operate their online casinos. Now, what exactly is FunFair? And is it a major competition to the established online casino industries?

Is FunFair the right platform to set up your online casino?

The FunFair is particularly the casino gambling platform based on the Blockchain technology, that enables users to create content, take deposits, hand out the payouts to the winners, and perform other essential operations using Blockchain technology. Unlike the conventional online casinos, FunFair offers the best gaming experience to the punters. The graphics are remarkable, the overall customer experience is too good, and its technological part is all controlled by Blockchain.

All thanks to the impressive security system of Blockchain which offers tight security to the platform and prevent unpredictable frauds and hacks. Furthermore, there is no involvement of any third-party. What’s more exciting is - the users get an opportunity to play thousands of real-time slots from their convenient place and at reasonable network costs. Moreover, whether you are having an established online casino, you’re just the startup, or an individual willing to set up your own casino in the online world, the digital technology and amazing infrastructure of FunFair makes it an ideal platform to establish your online casino site. Overall, it’s a reliable, secure, inexpensive approach to setup and operate an online casino. The FunFair is an impressive combination of Blockchain and conventional online solutions and perhaps this is the reason why it has become the talk of the town lately.

FunFair Fun Tokens

The most exciting part of FunFair casino gaming is the introduction of fun tokens. The gamblers will place their bet using this fun tokens as well as they will get their winnings in the same. Depending on users’ choice, the fun tokens are either converted into bucks (which can be withdrawn by the winners) or it can be retained, allowing users to keep going. This makes the transaction simpler and secure as all the tokens paid by the system are recorded in a ledger.

Photo by David McBee from Pexels