The Most Common Places to Meet a Hollywood Beauty: the Hookupgeek Rate

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Do you agree that everyone deserves to find love? Are you a single gentleman who is ready to start new relations? If yes, you might already ask yourself where to find a beautiful decent woman. Perhaps, you have been even acquainted with several girls in your office, but it turned into just a short-term romance. Actually, there are a lot of places to meet a woman. Take your time to learn the most common locations in this article.

The Internet

It is truly the most obvious option. Modern life suggests that the easiest way to find a girl is on a dating site or in the app. For example, use Facebook to suggest a meeting with your former classmate, register on Tinder to meet a girl in order to hang out, check the best cam sites to invite a beautiful girl for a date.

Think about who you are looking for and visit the thematic forums to discuss certain hobbies. So, at least the probability of meeting a soul mate will increase and you will have something to talk about on your first dates.

In the Gym

There is a whole army of girls, who go to the gym only to meet a man. Seriously. They can be recognized by the makeup and a neat haircut instead of a usual tail. You can also get acquainted while jogging outside, cycling or swimming - there are lots of options. Moreover, you will be glad to check her shape before the next stage.

Workshops and Courses

Cooking courses? Fine. Call and ask who comes more often: couples or singles. Dance classes? Perfectly. There is always a lack of partners. If you register for master classes or workshops online, so you can check the lists of participants and their webpages. Finally, you will be well-prepared checking who is married, who has a broken heart, and who is ready for new relationships.

In the Shops

You are absolutely right if you choose “women’s territory” for an acquaintance. Come to a pretty young lady and ask for advice: “It’s very difficult for a lonely man like me to make a choice myself, can you help me? How do you like this perfume?" Inside each girl hides the need to help or regret. It would be foolish not to use it, and even in such an innocent and sweet way.


It is quite easy to get acquainted in café. Just ask a waiter to bring a lovely girl at the next table a bottle of wine. However, you can also come and ask if you can invite her to share a cup of tea. Just be confident and act.

In fact, it is not so important where to look for a girl. If you noticed a young lady in the subway or in a cafe and she smiles at you or holds a meaningful look, so do not be shy and try a fortune.