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The Top 5 Las Vegas Casinos to Play Blackjack

The Top 5 Las Vegas Casinos to Play Blackjack

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If you’re a fan of blackjack, a trip to Las Vegas probably stands right at the top of your bucket list. As the Entertainment Capital of the World, this Nevada gem houses some of the most dazzling and luxurious casinos on the globe – but which ones are best for blackjack and where can you get a free spins on registration no deposit?

As you already know, making this decision without advice from people who are familiar with the Las Vegas casino circuit can be extremely difficult. For this reason, to make sure you have the best possible time in Las Vegas, recently carried out an extensive Las Vegas blackjack survey to find out as much information as possible on this popular table game.

With this information, we were able to narrow down the list of the top 5 Las Vegas casinos blackjack fans should visit in 2019.

5. MGM Grand

Up first is the MGM Grand, arguably one of Las Vegas’ most iconic hotel-casinos. It has been featured in numerous Hollywood movies and has an in-house arena that hosts many of the world’s most prestigious concerts and sporting events. However, aside from its glamorous reputation and history steeped in showbiz, research has shown that the MGM Grand Casino is also a favorite spot for fans of blackjack.

When playing blackjack at the MGM Grand, you will find that the casino offers the lowest limit stand of all Las Vegas Casinos. With over 25 tables featuring a six-deck shoe where the dealers are supposed to hit soft 17, it is clear this type of blackjack game is the most common at MGM. During slow periods, tables will typically start with a minimum of $25 bid. Games offer double and six-deck rules, and the lowest house edge here stands at 0.25532%. If this amount of bets does not impress you and you want something more, you have the opportunity to play bitcoin blackjack. BTC itself is a high-stakes game, but if you use bitcoins for playing blackjack, then it’s a really big game.

4. Mandalay Bay

Next on our list is another iconic Las Vegas casino that has also made an appearance in many Hollywood movies such as The Hangover, Ocean’s Eleven, and Ocean’s Thirteen. Mandalay Bay is known for its 43-story luxury resort that gives beautiful panoramic views of the Las Vegas Skyline, along with a world-class casino that is a haven for blackjack players.

At this casino, you are given the option to choose from several blackjack variants including two exotic games – Blackjack Switch and Free Bet Blackjack. Bets will typically start at $25 across the main casino floor and offer 3 to 2 payouts. Alternatively, high limit blackjack features two decks and provides the standard double down option before and after splitting. The lowest house edge research found in this game is 0.25532%.

3. Luxor

Named after the ancient Egyptian city of Luxor, this 30-story hotel and casino situated on the Las Vegas Strip are one of the most recognizable locations in the city. Featuring a colossal pyramid that cost $375 million to build, along with a host of ancient Egyptian sculptures and the Luxor Sky Beam which can be seen shining for miles around, Luxor certainly doesn’t fail to capture the imagination.

In addition to this, Luxor is also known as an excellent location for fans of blackjack. With two versions of the game on offer – the double deck and the eight-deck version – you are able to choose whichever style of play you prefer the most. Typically, the best game on offer is the $25 double-deck, with high limit games featuring six decks and $100 minimum wagers. Research showed that the lowest house edge stood at 0.45688%.

2. Excalibur

Named after the iconic sword that was allegedly pulled from the stone by the legendary King Arthur, this casino is decorated with a medieval theme reminiscent of ancient, mythical England. In our opinion, this hotel-casino lacks much of the elegance and glamour demonstrated by the former casinos on this list, opting instead for a more tongue-in-cheek aesthetic that borders on kitsch.

Having said that, according to the survey, what Excalibur lacks in glamour, it makes up for in gaming experience, especially for blackjack enthusiasts. Here players will find three quality options for blackjack games, including the $25 double-deck game that allows for a double down before as well as after splitting. Blackjack Switch is also available with $10 minimums and six-deck offering a $15 minimum bet. The lowest house edge at this casino is 0.58000%.

1. Aria

Finally, number one on our list is the luxurious Aria Resort and Casino. Known for its beautiful architecture and design, Aria is well known around the world and is the only casino situated within the City Center Las Vegas complex. As well as hosting some of the best entertainment shows in the city, Aria also has gained a reputation as a mecca for blackjack players.

By offering games for high rollers as well as mid-range players, Aria invites blackjack players of all levels to come inside and join the fun. While at this casino, you can take part in $100 tables that stand on all 17s or play six-deck blackjack with surrender and re-split aces rules. Typically, blackjack games here pay 6-5 odds, with a $15 Blackjack Switch on offer. The lowest house edge at Aria stands at 0.25532%.

Due to the current situation of Covid-19 not all casinos in Las Vegas are open, and the travel opportunities are also very limited. If you want to play, it is safer to do so online. Here are some recommended online casinos that both accept Canadian players and have blackjack games available:

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