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Understanding the Most Common Types of Psychic Abilities

Understanding the Most Common Types of Psychic Abilities

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You don’t have to be one of the Charmed sisters to have psychic abilities. They can be very common, and they can be within any of us. Keeping in mind though, that this isn’t something that is completely “supernatural” per se, it is an ability within a person, like knowing how to sing, or having a “musical ear”. On the other hand, there are psychic abilities that can be coined as supernatural, but they aren’t as common as playing casinos online.

The first kind range from six to seven and are called “Clair Senses”, these are basically extremely heightened, intuitive six senses and see full list on

There are about 14 other psychic abilities that are known but fall completely under the category of the supernatural.

Below is a list of the most common types of psychic abilities, the natural and the supernatural.

The Clairs:

  1. Clairvoyance

All types of Clair senses stem from two separate words; in this case, it is “Clair” and “voyance”. The term “Clair”, in general means “clear”, and “voyance” is a French word that means the “gift of double vision”. Put together, it roughly translates to be being able to see clearly, but clairvoyance is more than that. Clairvoyance is being able to perceive events that may happen in the future. Although this is not an exact science, more than 30% of people around the world claim to have clairvoyance, and a whopping 50% have stated that they’ve had clairvoyant moments or instances.

2. Clairaudience

Clairaudience, as you guessed it, relates to the sense of hearing. In a nutshell, clairaudience is the ability to hear what can’t be heard. Some signs that you may have this gift is if, for example, you heard someone say your name even though no one’s around. If you can hear subtle music or sounds that no one else can (not talking about voices in the head) — but if it’s playing in another place and you can still hear it, that’s clairaudience. Another sign is if you genuinely enjoy and need quiet. Too much noise can give you a headache, although that may not last long since, well, you can hear things that aren’t there.

3. Clairsentience

Clairsentience divided into two, is made up of “Clair” and “Sentience”. The prefix “sent” in Latin means to feel, like the word sentiment. Clairsentience is the ability to clearly feel your own as well as other’s feelings and being able to gain information through those feelings. This is actually one of the most common types of psychic abilities as it can also be coined as “mirror neurons” which are biologically proven. These are brain cells that “fire” when you watch someone do something. These neurons are why we feel empathy and understand other people’s emotions. An example of that is when you watch someone get hurt and you somewhat physically feel the pain. Another term for this is Clairempathy, someone who has this ability is called an Empath.

4. Clairalience

Clairalience is the ability to have an extremely heightened sense of smell. No, I’m not talking about what dogs have. It’s been proven that people with perfectly functioning olfactory systems, can recall memories when they smell a scent that relates to that past memory. For example, if your grandmother’s house always smelled like roses and you smell roses in another area, you will automatically be transported (not literally), to her house. Clairalience though has a deeper root to it that is not as common. It is the ability to smell scents that aren’t in the same physical realm that we’re currently in, such as the spiritual and the angel realms. This is also known as “Clairscent”.

5. Clairgustance

Clairgustance is the psychic ability to taste a substance without it really being there. Like clairalience, it also has a deeper root, which is tasting something from a spiritual or an angel realm. There are ways that one can improve clairgustance. For instance, a friend of yours can help you taste test blindfolded. That will tune your tasting abilities and help you remember the texture and taste without the food physically being there (a great way to save some calories). For the more supernatural version, you can sit quietly alone and ask a deceased family member to send you a “taste” from the spiritual realm that will remind you of your childhood or a specific memory.

6, Clairtangency

Clairtangency is the clear sense of touch or being able to acquire information through tangible items. This leads to another psychic ability coined as “psychometry” which is the idea that everyone leaves a mark or a resonance on the items they touch. A person with clairtangency can practice psychometry in which they can hold an item (without knowing its owner) and know things from that person’s past present and future. Joseph Rodes Buchanan, an American physician argued that at a subatomic level, everything is merely vibrating energy which means that a person could leave behind their “vibrating energy”. Basically, they can literally leave an impression on an object without leaving an obvious physical mark.

7. Claircognizance

Claircognizance is definitely a cool but somewhat rare ability. Cognizance simply means knowledge or awareness, adding “clair” defines it as clear knowledge. This as most people coin them can be called, a gut feeling, an instinct, a hunch, feeling, suspicion, and more. Although you may be thinking that that is not very rare, claircognizance goes deeper than those terms. Claircognizance signs include knowing the difference between reality and fiction, a genuine or a fake person, you are logical and organized, most of your decisions end up being correct, and most importantly you know things that you had no previous knowledge of or any background information on the subject.

The more you read and research, the more you know! There is a variety list of psychic powers out there that go into different details. They can be very informative and will clarify the different kinds of abilities that people can have. This is a brief list of the less common and more supernatural abilities

  1. Astral Projection
  2. Automatic Writing
  3. Channeling
  4. Telekinesis
  5. Telepathy
  6. Precognition

Wrapping up

Many people believe in neither the clairs nor the supernatural abilities. If you take some time though, you may be in control of one of those Clair abilities without really noticing. Sit by yourself and think back to a memory where you’ve acquired information through one of your senses and merely deemed it as a “gut feeling”. It doesn’t have to be an ability you’re constantly carrying around, it can be a fluke that comes and goes, nonetheless, it’s pretty cool to know things that those around us don’t.