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5 Tips for Scoring an Online Date

5 Tips for Scoring an Online Date

Published by Programme B

If one of your resolutions for 2019 is to spend your Saturday nights on the couch with an actual girl – instead of just a beer and the latest NetFlix offering – you might be thinking of turning to online dating to find The One.

But online dating can be a minefield of bad pictures, confusing compatibility questionnaires, and profiles that range from “slightly padded” to “complete bullshit”.

How do you create the perfect profile to make sure your inbox stays full of online admirers? I spoke with Alex Wise, co-founder and love expert for dating site, where you meet singles through live video and chat. Here are his tips:

1 – Avoid the “Fauxtograph”
Posting an outdated or altered image only delays the inevitable truth. Choose an image that not only shows your face but portrays your personality as well. (BG note: And watch for pics of chicks that are taken at weird angles, like from way above, or ones that look like they were taken in 1998.)

2 – Go with your gut.
Chemistry is key in online dating. Don’t waste time going back and forth with someone that you’re not connecting with. If you’re not feeling it, move on! ( offers 3-minute live speed dates, with the option to opt out of a dull date gracefully at any time.)

3 – Show your stuff.
Skip the lengthy questionnaires. Post interesting facts about yourself that will allow potential dates with similar interests to learn more about you, without being bored to death by details. A lot of those questionnaires have terrible headings or subjects. Ignore them, and write about what makes you different than the four-million other guys out there.

4 – Get creative.
Sure, you could just attach a string of meaningless numbers to your real name, but why not create a screen name that captures your personality? Some user names include FreshAndFrench, SalsaLover66 and SurferGuy. (BG note: It should also be noted that any name containing the number 69, a reference to the size of your manhood, your prowess in bed, or the words “magnet”, “hound”, “playa” or “stud”, should be avoided.)

5 – Start a spark.
The cyber flirt is all about witty conversation. Ask fun and unique questions. Can’t think of anything?’s “ice breakers” offer conversation starter questions to get the ball rolling such as “If you were a superhero, what super-power would you want to have?” (BG note: And if she should ask you this, “x-ray vision” is the wrong answer.)

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