Whether it’s your first ever driving license or your most recent one, learning more about driving manners are needed for every motorist. Most drivers have forgotten about driving etiquette or actually never learned them. The only time we might actually pay attention to driving etiquette is when another motorist violates us in one way or another while we’re driving.

One reason why many of us ignore driving etiquette is that we didn’t learn through the expertise of professional instructors from a driving school when learning to drive. Anyone who drives can teach you the basics, but they likely won’t be able to teach you driving etiquette, not knowing it’s a major factor in driving. In a very recent survey, two-thirds of motorists think road users behave more rudely now than a decade ago. The survey results also revealed that one in six claims they had previously been the victim of a road rage incident and the same proportion (15%) said they were the one to lose their temper with another road user. Nearly nine in 10 (87%) said they find it difficult to predict or understand the behavior of others on the road. This is extremely important when you rent a supercar for example, as you’ll have to be very careful with the expensive car as it isn’t yours.

Knowing this, here are more reasons to use a driving a school whether you’re young or learning to the driver at a later age.

Learn all driving rules:

Driving involves a lot of rules; many more than just stopping at the STOP sign. The lack of following rules is what leads to bad driving etiquette as well as road rage. For example, do you know that you should leave at least one car length between you and the car in front of you? These are the kinds of details that are focused on in driving lessons manchester locals have been participating in. It’s important to find a driving school that is certified and well known so that you learn the right rules.

Develop good habits:

Even the most experienced drivers can develop bad habits behind the wheel over the years. A good school will help you to exclude any bad or unsafe habits you’ve picked up from watching others.


Anyone teaching you to drive needs to be flexible and patient. But even the closest people to you might not have those two traits. There might be certain parts of your driving that you need to focus on more and need to practice repetitively. A driving instructor is trained to be patient and will not rush you, nor make you feel uncomfortable.

Relief of tension:

We see it happen all the time when a mom or dad teaches their kid to drive and just lose their temper or get stressed out. This will make you shaky behind the wheel instead of feeling calm. When nerves are shot, the chances of getting into an accident are high.

Treat others with respect

It goes without saying that using a driving school is the best way to learn all the appropriate means to master this skill. A license isn’t enough if you want to consider yourself a good driver who follows the rules, the laws and has respect for fellow motorists as well as pedestrians. Remember that driving is about you and others.