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How to Determine If Your Child Is a Psychic

How to Determine If Your Child Is a Psychic

Published by Programme B

As a parent, you love your children to bits and want to give them the best things this world has to offer. Yet, there are some things you can’t provide. You can’t provide these things because they’re innate traits already embedded in the child. One of these traits is psychic ability.

It might sound weird to some, even creepy, partly because Hollywood has portrayed it like that, with devilish-like children doing a bunch of bizarre and evil things but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The same way many children are born with a natural ability in a sport or an art, for example, the same way others are born with psychic ability. It’s very crucial to acknowledge this and not automatically assume these children have an unstable mentality, or come from harsh backgrounds, or whatever reason people give. It’s just an ability that is beyond our normal understanding of circumstances and people in general.

Being a parent, you might have already noticed certain behavior coming from your child that is ‘different’ than other children their age. You might have brushed it off at the beginning, simply saying kids will be kids, but if the behavior or actions have increased or led to something unusual, it’s your duty to find out why this is happening. Some traits and behavior in your child can help determine if your child is psychic, which is what we’re going to discuss today.

Let’s have a look at some of these traits in more detail.


Psychic children tend to be more empathetic in nature. They’re naturally intuitive and read a lot into vibes and feel a lot within their environment, be it at home or school or elsewhere. They can get along beautifully with one person, but stay aloof from another and maybe show distaste. They would not be able to pinpoint why certain people make them feel uncomfortable. You can help your child by teaching them to accept these feelings, but also give your kid a nice break time when they show signs of discomfort. Coloring or listening to music helps them more to relax.

The imaginary friend:

Almost every kid, psychic or not, has gone through this, where they will mention an imaginary friend or friends. Before you dismiss it as what it sounds, ask your child more about this friend. Ask their name, what they’re saying, what they look like. It could be more of a spiritual guide your child is communicating with, as almost all adults with psychic abilities have experienced this as children. Psychic children will usually not be afraid when their ‘imaginary’ friend pops up, so don’t create fear into your child, as that will only lead them to shutting down. Shutting down a natural ability will only pilot the way to more struggles for the child.

Disturbed sleep:

People who have worked with psychic children often agree that disturbed sleep is a common factor prevailing among most of these children. Night terror and nightmares are common. The child could be spiritually traveling through a different dimension or being visited by someone or a spirit that disrupts their sleeping pattern being woken up by this. Let your kid share your bed when they’re upset or scared.

High anxiety:

Many of these children struggle with high anxiety. It’s important to realize that not every determinant is going to be pleasant for the child or you, and not every psychic child has to go through everything mentioned in this article. But the point is to make you aware enough of the possible factors so you know how to handle them if they show up, such as high anxiety. The last thing you want to do is to consider medication for this high anxiety. For example, they could be experiencing very high anxiety just attending school. They often feel they don’t fit in because schooling is always pretty much standard, a ‘one size fits all’ system. Psychic children are very intelligent, and don’t always fit in this closed type of system. In some cases, homeschooling might be a choice for you to consider or a more enlightened smaller school system.

Speaking of a past life and future events:

We know the old saying, ‘out of the mouth of babes’ which is originally derived from the Old and New Testament. It’s attributed to how much wisdom can come out from even the most inexperienced people, mainly children as they have not seen or done enough yet to know most things. A child saying something that they have experienced in a past life is a big sign they could be psychic. They could tell you something like, “Remember when we went to China?” while neither of you have ever gone to China, and your kid might not even know where or what China is. These things don’t come out randomly, though it sounds it does. By the same token, a kid might say something that hasn’t happened yet or has happened but no one knows about it yet. For example, your little girl or boy can say, “Why does grandma have blood on her hand?” You then check on grandma and she tells you she slightly cut her finger with a knife.

Love of animals:

If there’s anything more real, it’s children and animals. We know that animals don’t fear children and even wild animals often don’t harm children. It’s not surprising that psychic children have a deep love for animals. We can almost say birds of a feather flock together. Intuitive children don’t complain much and just enjoy things, and many animals have the same nature, such as dogs.

If you notice some signs that your child is highly intuitive they could also be psychic. Don’t disregard what they tell you and what you see as mere child’s play. It could be the expression of something very meaningful. Help your child by nurturing this spiritual gift, and protect and comfort them when they experience uncomfortable moments. It’s not always going to be easy, but it’s a given gift that you can’t return and there’s nothing to fear.