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How to start earning money from freelance writing

How to start earning money from freelance writing

Published by Programme B

There are amazing things that freelance writing jobs and other niches offer that give them an advantage over regular office jobs. Freelancing gives you the freedom to decide who to work for and when you want to go on vacation.

Some of the well-known benefits of freelancing are regarding financial rewards. You can earn more than what your previous job pays as a freelancer, although not in every case. But the thing is you can make enough money to pay your bills as a freelancing.

This post highlight steps you can take to earn money from freelancing. And, irrespective of your niche, you can learn a thing or two to better your freelancing career.

1. Choose your niche

Your first decision would be to decide on the niche you want to build your career. And you also need to pick a niche before diving into the world of freelancing. Ask yourself questions like; should I go for article writing, academic writing, graphic design, or paper editing?

Besides the niches above, others are available. So, you can become anything you want. But what will determine your progress in your freelance journey are your skills, ability to learn and adapt faster, and a keen eye for details.

However, choosing a field is simple. You can also change niches whenever you please. But first, start your freelance career in an area or niche that you can handle successfully. Are you are a good writer? Do you firmly believe that you will excel as a writer? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you can proceed.

Here are some of the freelance niches

• Graphic design.

• Web design.

• Mobile app.

• Video application.

• Writing – academic, report, editing, e-book, articles, emails, and resume writing.

2. Create a professional profile online

Your profile is the same thing as your resume. Only that in this case, you will require reviews from clients, which will determine your reputation. But the first thing is to create a professional-looking profile that stands out from the crowd.

Consequently, you might also want to consider reaching out to a team of recruitment and resume writing experts such as ARC Resumes to ensure that you are making the best possible impression on potential clients and employers. You can learn more about some of the services that they offer on their website here:

However, the first place you should think of having your profile built is on a freelance platform. A blog can come in later, but your starting point should be on a freelance website. If you have the time, you can join two or more freelance platforms to boost your chance of landing jobs.

But keep in mind that quality work is what produces quality reviews. So, whenever you are contracted to work on a freelance job, always give your best effort. Do not outsource jobs to those that may not produce the best for you. Do the job yourself and focus on building your reputation. Bear in mind that the more positive five-star reviews you have online, the more confident clients would be when assigning tasks to you.

On the other hand, do not fail to take any available exam or test on the various freelance platforms that are related to your niche too. All of these would enhance your reputation and make you a strong candidate in the eyes of clients. To give yourself a helping hand, you can always check out a few online reputation management companies and choose one to help you. Managing your online reputation by yourself can be hard, so it’s worth getting some help.

Some of the freelance sites include;

• Fiverr

• Guru

• iWriter

• Upwork

Now, after creating your profile, the next step is to set your rate. You do not have to be greedy at this stage because you need as much review as possible for some high-paying clients or those with tight deadlines to trust you with their work.

Create a rate that will not scare clients away because you are just starting. That’s the point. You can compare what other freelancers in the same niche charge to set your price.

3. Build a professional-looking blog

A blog can serve numerous purposes. If you are a freelance writer, writing regularly for your blog will enhance your writing skills in no time and also enable you to build confidence in writing.

You can also get direct clients from your blog. And surprisingly, some of those direct clients can even pay better than the ones you get on freelance platforms. Furthermore, you can also monetize your blogs to generate more revenue. Monetization options include affiliate links, Google Ads, and sponsored posts, among others.


There are different ways to make money from freelancing. There are also different tweaks you can make to boost your earnings. But the most important thing, according to WriteZillas, is to lay a solid foundation by picking the right niche.

Once you are in the right niche, then you can build your reputation and start charging higher for your services.