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Using Your Star Sign To Play The Lottery

Using Your Star Sign To Play The Lottery

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In this generation, there are scores of people who do not have any idea of what astrology is and how it affects their lives. Those who study this ancient practice use their knowledge of the stars, to guide them in their lives.

The study of celestial observations and terrestrial happenings has been

calculated since as far back as the 3rd millennium BC. This is the foundation behind the calendar systems which were originally a way to measure the seasons and prepare the planting and harvesting of crops. While we take these things for granted in our world of computers and advanced science, we cannot ignore the generations of scientific study that has gone into the events that change our world.

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What’s your sign?

Your horoscope is based on the science of astrology. The way your sign is determined is by the position of the sun on the date you were born. The combination of the two will tell us about our personalities, talents, and temperament. This is a generalization on the most basic level. But it is proven true in most cases. We will use your astrological sign to determine the luckiest star signs.


Impulsive, daring, brave and a bit careless with money. If you are born under the sign of the ram, you like money but it doesn’t control you. You will play the lotto and maybe reach a bit deeper into your pocket than you should. When you do not win, you will bounce back and recover quickly. You must be guarded about trying to move too fast with some games of chance. But the lottery is right up your alley.


Pisces is a dual sign and number two is a natural connection for you. Pisces are sensitive, smart, and insightful. Pisces are thoughtful. They will play the lottery with passion. They know they will have stretches of bad luck, but when it ends, they will have a streak of good luck. Pisces will make the most of the lottery when they are in a lucky period.


Taurus’ are not naturally lucky people. It seems there is always a sucker-punch waiting around the bend. However, people born under this sign are brave and not prone to backing down. They work hard and make their own luck. Playing the lottery is a calculated risk that they will take when it feels right.


Another star sign that tends to experience luck in seasons. Sometimes they cannot find it and other times they are rolling in it. A Gemini will buy their ticket for the lottery well before the end of the game. Don’t let the “out of sight, out of mind” gene kick in. Store your lottery ticket in a safe place.


People who carry the Cancer sign are forward thinkers. They think, they plan, and they prepare and soon luck arrives. This is another group of people who should buy their lottery ticket in advance and when they have planned for it.


Buy your lotto tickets and buy more than one. You are blessed with good luck, charm, and the ability to get the most out of life. You have so much good karma, you may let the lotto slip past you if you are not careful.


Like Leo, good luck seems to follow you. You are blessed and lucky in life. While you may experience a bump or two in the road, they will not stop you. Share your luck with those around you. The lottery was made for folks like you.


Smooth and easy go the Libra. You are often challenged and meet the challenges head-on. You expect to see your share of rain, but you are always looking for the rainbow and it rarely lets you down. You have an even chance of your lottery ticket to be a winner or not. You still buy that ticket because one day the sun will shine again.


You are so used to being lucky, you sometimes do not see it. You are the person who will find money in your last year’s jacket pocket. You will always find a place to park at the DMV and never have to wait in line at the bank. You are foolish if you don’t buy a lottery ticket, but you are the one who will buy a ticket 2 minutes before it closes and win big.

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There is no nice way to say this. Lady Luck has lost your address. You have a great outlook and are always making the best from bad situations. When it comes to buying a lottery ticket – marry a Sagittarius and ask them to do it.


Like the Sagittarius, you are not a lucky person. In fact, if you looked up, “unlucky” in the dictionary, it could have your picture. If you get lucky with the lottery, cash out quickly. It is probably a mistake.

So, there you have it. How lucky your star sign tends to be. Luck is just a draw of a card. Anyone can win the lottery. Some of us just need to have a friend buy a ticket for us.