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Best Canadian quotes

Best Canadian quotes

Published by Programme B

What is love? What is the secret of strong marriages? How to maintain a good family relationship? We decided to publish quotes that will help answer these and other important questions.

Try to ask the man in love, what is the meaning of life? It’s not needed for the man to be an academician or philosopher. In the state of love, any person knows that the meaning of life is in experiencing this great feeling. Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, although being a science fiction writer, noted absolutely correctly: we do not need to conquer space; we are in the foolish position of a person striving for a goal that we fear.

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In this article, we offer to read the wise sayings of other great people about love. So, there is a selection of Canadian quotes about love.

  • “All the best works on Earth were created due to lack of love.” — Leonard Cohen.
  • “Don’t you forgive all those you love? You forgive egoism, desire, deception as long as you are the cause, motive, goal…” – Michael Ondaatje.
  • “No one dies from lack of sex. We die from lack of love.” – Atwood Margaret.

It is difficult to formulate what love is, but it is simple to understand this kind of feeling when you love someone. After all, as one of the wise people said, love is everything. And someone else, no less famous, added: this is all that we know about it. Even realizing that no aphorisms can strengthen our understanding of love, we are still attracted by the phrases of great people. In them, we are all looking for confirmation of our own thoughts. It is pleasant to realize that we are thinking in unison with the greatest minds of mankind.

Not only love itself but family is a necessary part of our existence. Some people think that building a family is quite a burden, but this isn’t always the case. Family happiness, despite all the skeptical aphorisms on this subject, exists. And it is much more common than many people think. It’s indisputably true – a strong family is a continuous work, and successful marriage is the one that withstands many years of intimacy.

One Canadian writer, Alice Munro, once said, “Blood ties… Where does it come from, the power to forgive close people everything? For me, this is still an obscure and incomprehensible mystery.”

You can’t find the secret of happy relationships in quotes, as happiness is such a meaningful notion. Let’s try to explain in simple words, without the statements of great people: family is the wisdom, ability, and desire of two people who have entered into marriage, to understand each other, to listen and hear, to forgive offenses, and to love.

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However, there are statements that are deeper than others. Such quotes are hard to define in one category, so they are classified as wise. Canadian psychologists, writers, musicians, and activists very often express their thoughts about life, choice, purpose, everyday difficulties. We have collected the most instructive of them. These are quotes from which much can be learned.

  • “It doesn’t matter how anything happens.” — Leonard Cohen.
  • “They were all over thirty. At this age, it is sometimes difficult to recognize that the way you live is your life.” – Alice Munro.
  • “Always be a little restrained. Don’t let anyone know everything about you. Cultivate mystery.” – Robin Sharma.