Financial independence is something that many people dream of but very few really achieve. The key ingredient to achieving financial independence is having the right strategy, a plan that will walk you through the wealth-creation process. Below are some smart ways where you can invest your hard earned money and expect profitable returns.

Invest in the stock market

Finding the best stocks to invest your money can be a daunting experience. This, however, doesn’t have to be a problem. Unit funds are often a good nest for putting money for short-term gains. They guarantee higher returns compared to bank savings and fixed deposits. The first step to making it in the financial market is to find someone who will help you learn to invest. This may sound like another question you would just go ahead and consult the search engines, but it’s more than just the information. The investment landscape keeps changing every now and then and it takes the effort of a professional stock investor to analyze the current trends before giving any advice.

Many times, secure investments are sanitized, making them so safe such that the gains are less. If you’re risking big in the stock market, you have to find a role model who will guide you through the steps of choosing index funds and start-up listing their companies in the market. Take time to do your research and don’t be skeptical using some help from reliable stock experts.

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Invest in Real estate

There are two ways in which you can own your own property. Either building one or joining a Real Estate Investment Trust where a number of investors come together and raise capital to build real estate property. There are different types of REITs and your choice will vary depending on your taste and preferences. To know what works and what doesn’t, seek advice from trusted real estate investors or a certified financial planner.

Grow your own business

Another way to invest is to grow your own business and earn profits as the company picks up. One way to spot a business opportunity is to find something that everyone else missed. Raise money and purpose to work with great people. Organize a great team and you’ll save time supervising and managing your employees rather than controlling the business operations. If you can’t find that killer business idea, check the industry you’re interested in. Find a gap in the market, then find a market in that particular gap.

Invest in physical commodities

This may sound like an ancient investment tip, but successful investors still do physical commodities. These are the raw materials that are either consumable e.g. Food or goods to build/create other products. In the latter, we've energy sources such as gas and oil or precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. Investing in commodities can be done either by owning physical goods or through futures contracts that track specific commodity index.

To make sure you’re investing in something feasible, first, study the market and know what the people need. Proceed keenly with your investment strategy and always be mindful of the hidden costs when executing a business plan.