Who doesn’t have at least one television series that they are a fan of? Whether the series itself is one you grew up watching since you were a teenager or you have recently discovered its gloriousness, there are just some series that go right to your heart or basically you obsess over. A number of TV series takes it even a step further, they create video games based on the series, whether through the storyline of the series itself or just the characters. Having games based on your favorite TV series is sure to bring you fun, even when you are not binge watching the show.

1. Game of Thrones

Game of thrones is an HBO series that has gained quite a worldwide following. Everyone wants to know who is going to be the next to sit on the iron throne. If you cannot get enough of this series, then you can start your own quest for the throne by downloading the game. If you have not yet watched the full series, then be warned because there might be some spoilers. In the game not only will you be able to have dragons and nurture them, but you will also have battles and storyline scenes that will give you the throwbacks needed to get your GOT fix.

2. Vikings

The Vikings are another popular TV series that has stayed a fan favorite due to the never-ending fascination and love for Vikings throughout the years. The Vikings based game temple slots casino should be your go to the game if you want something to pass the time while still enjoying your favorite show. When playing this game, you can spin and win prizes as well as play using both real and virtual money to advance in the ranks. There are also various bonus levels included in the already exciting gameplay.

3. The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a cartoon that has been airing for quite a while now. Many people have watched at least one of its episodes while others have religiously followed the series up to this day. There are actually more than a couple of games based on this globally known series ranging from PC, PlayStation, X-box, Nintendo as well as mobile games so you can enjoy your Simpsons’ fix on whichever platform you have available.

4. CSI

This specific series has had many seasons based in different states due to how much of a fan base it had. The CSI franchise has an investigation game so that you can let your inner detective out to your heart’s content. The game entails looking for clues, doing a number of forensic tests and most importantly finding and apprehending the criminal.

5. Doctor Who

Doctor who is a British series that has witnessed a change in the main character (the Doctor) over the years. Nonetheless, people have been addicted to this series for quite a while. It is no wonder why this series has so many games based on it. Just like the series, the games are sci-fi based and will submerge you into a number of worlds and dimensions.

Find the perfect series based game

These are some of the games that were based on a television series that we thought you would enjoy, however there are many more games out there. To find the best game for you to play then look for something you already know you enjoy because chances are, you will enjoy the game as much as you enjoyed the series itself. Do not be afraid to experiment with the various games that catch your interest because they are based off of the series. If you find a game that you have not watched the series for yet, but are interested in then go watch the series and play the game because then you will have double the fun.