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Most Beautiful Beaches of Vancouver

Most Beautiful Beaches of Vancouver

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Beach lovers usually do not visit cities, except for Vancouver. Lying between the Pacific Ocean and British Colombia’s North Shore Mountains, Vancouver is full of gorgeous beaches to soak up this summer. Beachcombing the area will be a chore if you rely on the Trans Link public transit system and costly if you go with taxis or rideshare providers. To enjoy fully the beautiful beaches of Vancouver at your leisure, you will want to rent a car from Hertz Vancouver Airport. Going with Hertz leaves money in your pocket and makes your beach going schedule yours.

Best Beaches in Vancouver

It is hard to believe, but there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Canada within the Vancouver borders. Three of the most famously photogenic are Kitsilano Beach, Jericho Beach, and the West End Beaches.

Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano Beach, called Kits Beach by locals, is to Hollywood North what Venice Beach is to Californians, but with better views. In peak season, it bustles with joggers, Frisbee lovers, volleyball players, and shirtless, beach-bodied sun-worshipers.

Jericho Beach

A little further west, Jericho beach offers a laid-back alternative to kits. With breathtaking views of the Vancouver skyline set against the snowcapped North Shore Mountains, photo ops at Jericho beach abound. Grab the best possible snaps of fishing off the pier or enjoying a picnic with your family.

West End Beaches

Back downtown is the West End Beaches. Bordering with the West End neighborhood, this urban seascape is made up of two smaller beaches: Sunset Beach and English Bay. Despite the proximity to downtown, the city has kept commercial development out of the area, making the West End Beaches an ideal spot to park your car and stroll with ice cream while taking in the views.

Best Beaches near Vancouver

Beaches that are even more picturesque are located outside the city in Metro Vancouver. The best of these are Wreck Beach, Iona Beach, and White Pine Beach.

Wreck Beach

Covering 7.8 kilometers of coast west of the city, Wreck Beach is the largest Vancouver area beach. The sunset views here are gorgeous, with Vancouver Island filling the horizon. Part of the beach is a legal clothing optional park.

Iona Beach

Iona Beach is the most dramatic natural beach in Greater Vancouver. Located on Sea Island south-west of the city, the beach itself is part of a regional park. Iona Beach Regional Park is part of the Pacific Flyway, meaning it is home to thousands of birds. If a beach scene is not complete for you without wildlife, get out to Iona Beach.

White Pine Beach

Getting away from the ocean, Metro Vancouver area is dotted with hundreds of lakes. Some of these beaches are as picturesque as any beach lining the Pacific coast. White Pine Beach on the north shore of Sasamat Lake is one of these. About an hour east of Vancouver in the city of Port Moody, this favorite freshwater beach is on the warmest lake in Metro Vancouver.

These are some of the most picturesque beaches in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area. There are hundreds of more beautiful beaches that you can visit if you want. With a rental car from Hertz, any Vancouver beach adventures are possible this summer.