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5Lmeet is located in the third section of Xingye Street, Daxing District, near Huangcun Railway Station. The area is 8600m², and the whole building consists of six floors, with five floors aboveground and one floor underground. It was a vacant community supporting commercial before the renovation. “Sharing” is a representative keyword that was born in this era. From the concept of co-working to co-living, it gradually becomes an advocate of the latest lifestyle. The powerful energy brought by the new lifestyle has broken through the traditional business model. The project is designed to transform the old community supporting commercial into a one-stop co-living community, which is a combination of business formats include office, apartment and commercial to create a richer shared life experience scene.

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Regarding the design concept of this project, designers are inspired by the shared lifestyle and create a new vocabulary-“ communion station.”They attempt to set up a new complex space at the junction of the two functional spaces, and this space can simultaneously satisfy the social functions of the services required by the two main functional areas. The new space not only becomes the focus of the design but gives the solution of space efficiency.

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The communion station is presented in an independent space. The designers utilize the flexible design at the junction of office, apartment, and business at each level. The spaces of the ground floor and the first floor are connected to create a flexible public event space that meets the functions of roadshows, lectures, and various social events.
The third floor includes a reception area, bar area, and a small theater. The fourth floor includes a supermarket and Chinese kitchen, and the fifth floor includes a gym, laundry, and kitchen. The design of the communion station makes the space level more diverse and functional, and more importantly, it provides more opportunities for people to exchange and interact with each other and thus experience the enjoyment of sharing lifestyle.

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