New York is without a doubt the most famous city on the planet. It’s a lifetime dream for a lot of people to visit this marvelous place, with its towering skyscrapers and magnificent tourist attractions. But all these wonderful reasons to visit the city all add up to a single negative- it can be incredibly difficult to find accommodation to stay in. A lot of people often fall victim of sky-high prices or else end up in dodgy places which make their trip that little bit worse. That’s why it’s become more and more common for those visiting to stay in hostels.

But is it really worth spending money on a hostel? What makes them better than other places in the Big Apple? Don’t worry, we’re here to answer your questions and tell you whether or not backpack travelers are worthwhile staying in a hostel while in New York City.

Finding good backpacker hostels in New York can be a challenge. That’s why you really need to get your research done before you decide whether or not it’s worthwhile for you. This can sound daunting; New York, after all, is no small place and it’s easy to feel out of place if you don’t have a good place to stay. It doesn’t have to be that difficult though, and can, in fact, be a relatively simple process.

The thing is that even though you might be worried about being stuck in a really poor quality hostel, you have to remember this is New York City. In general, most places are very high quality as they know how many tourists they’ll be getting and want to accommodate them all with great comfort. Most places will be up to your standards, if not exceeding them. You just have to look out for places which fit in with your budget, and check out extra features; what meals are supplied, and how long will you be able to stay for?

If you want to make sure you get a good hostel in New York, make sure to check out online reviews. You can do this by looking at websites such as TheBrokeBackPacker, who offer excellent reviews which cater to your travel needs. There isn’t really a suitable substitute for doing this, just as you can’t really have any excuses for not doing it. There are plenty of review sites all over the internet, and it doesn’t take long to search them up online. Read a lot of different reviews, and make sure you read more than one review for each hostel you look at. Remember, just because one person gives a bad review doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad place to stay- it just might not have tickled their fancy.

New York is a big place, so it should come as no surprise that it’s incredibly difficult to find a hostel available right in the middle of Manhattan. You may have to stay a bit further from the city center than you’d like, but it shouldn’t really take anything away from your travels. It’s all part of the New York experience to have to do the traveling, and it will only add to your adventure if you stay in a hostel a bit of a distance from the real busy streets of the city.

Photo by Vlad Alexandru Popa from Pexels