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Best Sofas and Sofa Designs for your New Home and Lounge

Best Sofas and Sofa Designs for your New Home and Lounge

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So you’re moving into a new home, why not buy new furniture as well? Buying new furniture is one thing, but investing your money and attention in getting the right sofa or couch for your brand new living room or lounge is a whole other ball game. A sofa is the focal point and centerpiece of your living room; so style and comfort are highly necessary. There are a lot of factors that go into buying the right sofa: its design and style, your budget, the fabric and cushioning, even your purpose for the sofa.

Choosing the right sofa might seem like a daunting task because of all the elements, aspects and details that influence your decision. But if you plan out your purchasing process well, you’re bound to find a scene-stealing sofa that your new home deserves. Paying attention to a few specific details will save you the hassle of getting the wrong sofa; you want to invest in one that will last a lifetime and bring you the comfort you need while simultaneously showing style and elegance.

Below is a helpful guide to the best sofas and sofa designs out there to help you choose the right one for your new home.

Decide on your sofa’s purpose

A sofa is more than just a furniture piece to sit on. The right type of sofa sees a lot of action in a lifetime. It’s where you park yourself to ‘Netflix and chill’ in front your TV, it’s where you have friends over for game night, it’s where you sit back and unwind with a book, and it’s the cuddling area for you and your partner, kids, or your pet. Whatever your purpose for the sofa is, it’s probably one of the most important and most used furniture pieces in your home.

Where to buy the perfect Sofa

Believe it or not, the type of store you go to actually affects your choice in buying a sofa. There are a ton of places where you can get that perfect sofa you’ve been looking for. Online is one of the fastest and easiest ways to buy your sofa. Many online stores have an extensive variety with pictures and specifications available; they also offer a ton of user reviews to help you choose. Consider it the perfect online community to help you shop. Be sure to buy local for efficient service all the way to your doorstep. If you live in New Zealand, there are quite a few online brands that sell the best sofas in NZ. New Zealand is one of the leading countries in furniture designs that ensure high quality sofas. Their online furniture shops are known for variety and speed of delivery. You can also check your neighborhood lifestyle stores because they offer you style and a chance to mix and match your sofa with other household items. If you’re looking for endless variety, traditional furniture stores are your best bet.

You’ll be supporting your local manufacturers and checking different brands with great prices. If you’re looking for a specific type of design, be sure to check manufacturer-branded stores, or designer brands. Their eclectic style will definitely lead you to your stylish sofa. If you’re on a budget, be sure to check department stores as they carry an assortment of budget-friendly sofas.

Sofas come in a variety of designs

One thing that may be ultra-confusing for you is that sofas come in MANY designs. But if you truly think about it, the variety of sofa designs shouldn’t scare you, it should make the choosing process fun! You will definitely find the right sofa for your living room that caters to your overall style and design of your home. Below are a few designs that might interest you and help in making a decision.

  • The Classical Sofa

This type of sofa is ideal if your style is more on the classical/French style. A Settee is an elegant piece of furniture with a delicate wood frame, a nail head trim, intricate carvings, and arm pads. This 18th century sofa has traditional upholstery and for that grand look, opt for a velvety finish. Another way to go is opting for a Canape. This type of sofa is also characterized by its grand nail head finishing, glamorous woodwork, and fancy upholstering. The Knole Sofa is also a great choice if you’re looking for a unique style. It was originally designed in the 17th century to resemble a humble throne for the monarch in England. Traditionally, it will have its sides tied up to the back with elegant cords and fringes. But it’s been given a more modern look these days by leaving out the fringes.

  • The Professional Sofa

If you’re looking for a sofa in your study or home library, then you need something that displays elegance and professionalism all at once. An Art Deco sofa is ideal for that formal space in your home, and perfect for lounging with a book or catching up on some work with your laptop. It’s renowned for its curved lines, flattened planes, piped edges, and it’s simple block legs. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated and stylish look, a Chesterfield Sofa is your best bet. This very popular sofa is always a staple for home offices due to its iconic design.  Chesterfield Sofa Company has a great collection of unique and classic chesterfield styles to choose from. It’s characterized by its deep-buttoned leather, an even-height arm and backrest, and a rounded design with nail trim.

  • The Sleek and Modern Sofa

For that modern look, your options end up being more than you can imagine. The Mid Century Sofa is popular among those who are looking for style and simplicity. It’s also a hit for those looking to give their home a more retro feel; think a 60s-like sofa right in your modern-day living room. This playful sofa is characterized by its block shape, simple frame, shallow button-tufting in a single line, and a rounded cushion at each end to give you that gorgeous retro appeal. The Tuxedo sofa is exactly like it sounds; sophisticated, stylish, and very elegant. This clean and sleek sofa gives off the perfect visual aesthetic with its precise upholstery, even nailhead trim, sharp lines, and square arm and back rests. Add a few throw pillows and your sofa will definitely give off a refined appeal.

  • The Contemporary and Cozy Sofa

These types of sofas are widely popular for their sheer comfort. The Lawson Sofa is ideal in giving you that comfortable addition you’ve been looking for in your home or lounge. Its generous space and proportions seats many, and its smart-casual style, plush cushions, and rolled arms makes it a favorable sofa among many homeowners. For maximum comfort, the Reclining Sofa is the one to get. This type of sofa has been gaining popularity over the years and its ideal for family rooms as you can lift the leg rest, sit back and enjoy a movie or a book. They have many upholstering options like leather or velvet. The Low Seated Sofas are also a popular choice for that sleek contemporary look. It’s perfect for lounging due its comfortable cushioning.

  • The Rustic Sofa

If you’re looking for that barn or country-side look, then an English Rolled Sofa is a great choice. It’s casual and comfortable design gives off a traditional look along with its rolled arms and split backrest. Enhance it with charming fabric. The Camelback Sofa is also perfect as it’s characterized by its bracket accents, upright and elegant backrest, loose seat cushions, and sloped arm rests.

  • Sofas for small spaces

If your living room is quite small, but you don’t want to compromise on design, then a Love Seat should be your choice of sofas. This sofa seats two comfortably and these days, the classical design was swapped out for a more modern and comfortable look. With the right upholstery, your sofa will be a hit, even in small spaces. A Chaise Chair with an arm rest is ideal for a reading corner. Couple it with a comfy cushion and a small side table, and you’ll never get off it. Sleeper Sofas are also popular for small spaces, whether it’s a Pull-Out sofa with built-in mattress stores or a Convertible Sofa that drops its backrest and turns into a bed right in the middle of your living room!

  • Sofas for large spaces

If space is not an issue, then go for big and bulky sofas to fill up your space while allowing room for comfort as well. The Corner Sofa or the L-Shaped Sofa has been a hit with homeowners looking for that contemporary and super comfortable look. It usually comes in two sections and the options in design are endless as well; you can decide if you want your chaise to be left or right-sided, or if you want it to be open-ended and armless or not by making it include arms. If you want to go bigger, opt for the U-Shaped sofa as it has a chaise on both ends allowing for more seating options. These types of sofas are ideal if you like to play host a lot by inviting many guests and friends.

Picking your sofa style doesn’t end there

So you’ve picked your sofa style and design and you feel satisfied and determined. But, picking the style is only step one of picking out the right sofa for you. There are a ton of other factors you need to consider before buying a sofa. Below are some tips you need to look out for to make your purchase the right one.

  • Bring a tape measure

You need to be sure of your sofa measurements and if it will accurately fit in your living room or not. Accurately measure the sofa dimensions with a tape measure to ensure the right fit. Also, be sure to avoid returning the sofa because you couldn’t get it through your door. So measure its pathway into the living room as well.

  • Try before you buy

Trying out the sofa is absolutely necessary before bringing it into your home. Experience sitting on many sofa types to decide which seating is up to your liking. You need to be comfortable in your own home, so sit on the sofa, bounce a little to make sure it doesn’t make any strange sounds, check the backrest and foot strength, and lie on its pillows it to be sure it’s right for you.

  • Size Matters

Size plays an important role in your sofas comfort and functionality. An average sofa has a 60cm depth, but for larger spaces, they can reach up to 90cm. This will give you plenty of room to sit comfortably. Height ranges from 45 cm to 50cm high. Bear in mind who will sit on this sofa and how many seating arrangements it has.

  • Test out the cushions

Cushions really do matter when it comes to choosing a comfortable sofa. Test out the firmness of the sofa to understand what type of comfort you’ll be buying. They’ll range from soft, medium, or hard. Understand the sofa’s internal design as well by asking about its fillings. Foam is mainly used by many manufacturers these days for a more supportive seating experience. Fiber is also great for maximum comfort and coziness. Spring cushions are also becoming more and more popular in sofas for a bounce back effect.

  • Decide on colors and fabric

Many stores offer the choice of choosing your favorite colors and fabric by providing an array of choices. Performing fabrics are ideal as they resist stains. Velvet gives an opulent and luxurious feel and its ideal for formal rooms. Damask is more of a traditional choice and it can be easily dry-cleaned. Wool blends are highly durable and versatile. Linen is ideal for contemporary couches and it’s always the popular choice for its texture, visual appeal, and durability. Leather is gorgeous, durable but expensive; they’re also perfect if you have pets. Color also plays a major role in style and in the room’s mood. Neutral colors are a favorable choice because it allows you to add different color accents with throw pillows, rugs or curtains. Bright colored or patterned sofas are an eclectic choice if you’re looking for that wild style impact in your living room.

Sit back and relax

Choosing the right sofa for your new home may seem like a tedious task. However, these details mentioned above can actually affect your decision when you’re out sofa shopping in ways you wouldn’t believe. Buying the right sofa is a major investment, one that will last for decades, so it’s highly necessary to plan what will suit your style. Don’t rush in your decision; take your time, choose your preferred style, test out the sofa, and arrange your budget accordingly. It’s a pleasurable thing to do when you curl up cozily on your couch, so don’t take sofa shopping too lightly.