As you enter the football stadium during a gorgeous Fall afternoon, your mobile phone authenticates that you are of legal gambling age, opting you into all the sports betting offers provided by the event. A brief list of the most popular pre-game odds and lines are sent to your mobile by the match’s sponsor, Canada Sports Betting, giving you an opportunity to quickly wager on the money line, spread and over/under.

In the concourse, OLED TVs list odds updates as betting markets flood with wagers placed by fans at the venue. You quickly rifle through mobile odds provided at other venues to compare the prices that fans receive in other stadiums. The app reports fluctuations in betting prices across all 35 NFL stadiums, including the first foreign teams in the league: the Toronto Towers, London Bombers and Mexico City Mariachis.

As a New York Giants fan, you feel a slight twinge of annoyance at the fact that Minnesota Viking fans receive a slightly better price for the same place that you bet. Fewer folks in their stadium chose your wager, reducing the cost of placing money on the wager. However, the app shows that the price for your wager in Jacksonville is far more pricey, as a vast majority of Jaguars fans placed their money on the same bet you did.

A notification sounds as your mobile device reports a wagering opportunity that you can’t refuse. Based on previous betting activity, your smartphone knows that you love taking action on underdogs who play well on the road. The Toronto Towers are visiting the Las Vegas Raiders, with the Raiders listed as slight favorites to win. You know that the Towers tend to perform well on the road, so you dive in and splash the cash on Toronto defeating Vegas on the road. 

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels