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How to Prevent Boredom When Traveling Solo

How to Prevent Boredom When Traveling Solo

Published by Programme B

It takes a brave and independent person to pack a suitcase, book a flight and head off on a solo adventure. While you’re traveling from A to B, you’re likely to experience a mixture of emotions, which can range from happiness and excitement to fear and boredom.

If you want to ensure every minute of your trip is filled with fun and variety, you must follow these tips on how to prevent boredom when traveling solo.

Create an Itinerary

Before you head off on a solo trip, you should create a detailed itinerary, so you will know what you want to do and where you’re going to do it each day. So, rather than wasting a day wishing you had a travel buddy by your side, you can spend your time exploring different landmarks and attractions.

Make New Friends

Of course, you don’t need to spend an entire trip alone. Keep loneliness at bay by aiming to make friends at a destination. For example, you could:

  • Make friends when you check into a hostel
  • Chat to travelers at a hotel bar
  • Meet new people on an organized tour
You may also want to check out local bars to meet local people (rather than just other tourists) or even visit late-night establishments such as this Gangnam shirtroom if you happen to find yourself in Seoul, South Korea on your travels. When traveling, there are endless ways to combat your solitude – all you have to do is be willing to step outside of your comfort zone! 

It’s as simple as taking the time to say hello and initiate conversations with others. This way, you can connect with interesting, like-minded people who might just become lifelong friends.

Occupy Your Time

There are bound to be points in your trip when you’re at a loose end. Rather than twiddling your thumbs in a hotel room, find ways to occupy your time. For example, you could watch a sports game in a local bar and make it interesting by visiting Unibet CA. You also could tap into the hotel’s Wi-Fi to catch-up the latest TV series on Netflix, which can help you to relax and recover after a busy day of exploring.


If you want to connect with others and give back to a community during solo travel, spend a day or more volunteering. There is bound to be a local organization that would gladly accept a helping hand, and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction that you have made a positive impact on a society once you leave.

Create Your Own Food Tour

If you want to experience the very best cuisines a destination has to offer, create your own food tour. Perform research to identify the best spots for a scrumptious dish, so you can experience new and exciting flavors that will linger on your tongue throughout your travel experience. You could even recreate the delicious dishes for your loved ones once you arrive back home.

Attend a Show

While your days might be filled with sightseeing and exploring, the nights can be a little lonely if you are a solo traveler. To avoid boredom and loneliness, book tickets to a concert, play, musical or a sports game, which can help the hours to quickly pass you by. Plus, you could experience an unforgettable show or sporting event you will remember for a lifetime – so it could be worth the trip alone.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels