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Why Blackjack is still as popular as ever

Why Blackjack is still as popular as ever

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A game with a rich history, Blackjack is still thriving in today’s modern world. Blackjack’s pre-cursor, twenty-one, is a game of unknown origin but its first reference can be found in a book by Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, which is believed to have been written between 1601 and 1602.

When twenty-one was first introduced to America, casinos got onboard with it and enticed players with various offers and bonus payouts to help stimulate interest. One of the bonuses could feature a hand called a “blackjack” and from that moment onwards, the game was born.

But in a current gaming climate where virtually any type of game you want is accessible via various platforms, why is Blackjack – a more traditional, old school game – still as popular as ever? You can even Play Pro Blackjack in Canada at, enjoy the game with friends over some food and a few drinks, or play it on a long-haul flight to help pass the time. Despite modern offerings, Blackjack still very much lives on. 

Below are a few reasons why blackjack is still going strong all around the world.

It’s a simple game to grasp

Blackjack has always been a simple game. While there are a few variations of it in real casinos, with Brits, for example, having a tendency to debate the difference between blackjack and pontoon, there are many more variations of the game available at online casinos. Developers have added various elements to the traditional offering of blackjack, rather than completely overhauling the game in its entirety, making it more than appealing to a modern day audience.

The skill required, not just luck

Certainly not as skillful or tricky as a game like poker, blackjack still requires some skill. Decision making, for example, is vitally important in blackjack as your decisions could have a massive impact on how the game unfolds. Making the right call is crucial. Many slot machines and other games like bingo, for example, are purely chance so you lack control over them. With blackjack, though, knowing that your skill could dictate your chances in a game and allow you to beat other players enables you to want to improve and keep coming back again.

Live gaming

Many modern blackjack creations offer the chance of a live dealer, enabling a player to feel like they’re actually at a casino and sitting around a blackjack table, dressed up smartly and with your rival players sitting right next to you as the game hots up. Developers have really brought the casino, which some people simply might not get the chance to visit, to your handheld device in your home.

Trial games 

Instead of attending a real-life casino and giving the game a go despite perhaps not having fully grasped it, many online casinos give gamers the chance to try the game out first before risking their hard-earned cash on it without really knowing how it works. Essentially, you can try before you buy, which is something all newcomers to the game would surely welcome before risking their cash.

Bonuses and offers

Lucrative offers and bonuses are a regular feature of online casinos as they look to entice more players to their sites. Playing blackjack at an online casino, for example, can get you some amazing welcome bonuses and various other rewards along the way. Also, if you play at your casino for a certain amount of time you can become eligible for their VIP program, where various rewards and customized services are on offer. 

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