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Is having a hair transplant in Turkey a good idea?

Is having a hair transplant in Turkey a good idea?

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Turkey is a popular destination for many people seeking medical treatment, particularly of cosmetic nature. Such medical tourism has become an integral part of the economy of the country.

The reality is that good quality care can be found in Turkey at such places as the Vera Clinic hair transplant where there are experienced specialists and other personnel.

Another reason many people travel to Turkey, particularly from the UK, is that the costs are lower compared with their home countries. In many parts of the world health insurance does not cover cosmetic work, this means that even if you are in a country that regularly offers private insurance, odds are you still cannot afford to have the work done that you want.

Similarly, countries with national health insurance also do not usually cover cosmetic procedures such as hair transplant work. This means that people have to pay out of pocket which can quickly add up to a large amount of money.

There are many options for medical tourists looking to come to Turkey for work. Both men and women needing work done on their hair can reach out and often get a free consultation by an expert.

Hair transplant options in Turkey

There are many treatment options available for hair loss in Turkey. Besides transplant procedures, there are various creams and other options that you can find out about at whatever clinic you choose.

Modern methods of hair transplant such as the FUT and FUE that have been developed with good results are offered in clinics in Turkey. Newer techniques that are developed are also sure to be implemented in short order in the country. Turkey is a country on the cutting edge of medicine with many people training as doctors and technicians in the hair transplant industry.

Like other parts of the world, clinics and specialists are able to receive accreditations and board certifications. The various qualifications are a good indication that a place and its personnel are professionals.

Besides looking at qualifications there are also recommendations, reviews, and portfolios that you can look for or ask about when choosing a facility.

Are there cons to having a hair transplant done in Turkey?

The one disadvantage is if you are not already in Turkey since you would have to arrange travel to and accommodation in the country.

This does add to the price of having a hair transplant in Turkey instead of your home country. However, even with travel, it may still work out more affordable for you to be a medical tourist.

If you are living very far away from Turkey then the travel costs may make it unaffordable or as expensive as having the work done in your native country. It all depends on where you live and what is available in your home city and country.

People already living in Turkey would be wise to look within the country since there are excellent clinics offering hair transplant procedures.

Photo by Şinasi Müldür from Pexels