The main reason why teachers want their kids to study in private schools is as follows: public schools face tons of problems that are left unsolved. In case a family has an opportunity to pay for a private school, they will most definitely choose to do so. Public schools in the United States of America do not teach students about morals, ethics and cultural values. However, not every family has the privilege to choose the school for their kid.

The history of the United States of America demonstrates that you need to pay if you want to acquire valuable knowledge. There is nothing wrong with college and university tuition apart from the lack of government support for children from low-income families. As a result, learning becomes a privilege when it should be a prerogative. The culture of learning on your own using all available resources is not very popular. Most people still need a push in the right direction. The role which a school can play in this respect is very important. It is the job of a teacher to motivate and inspire. Seeing such teachers at public schools in America is a rare occasion.

Another vital aspect to mention is the inclusiveness of public schools. It does not only mean having all necessary infrastructure and learning materials for children with disability or those on the spectrum. What it also means is giving immigrant children an option of learning mother tongue of the country they have moved to together with teaching subjects in their native language. For instance, a child from a Latino family should be able to attend a public school in which subjects are taught both in English and Spanish.

However, the problem of not talking about morals and ethics in schools is even bigger than one can imagine. Helping a child define their moral compass is not merely the responsibility of a child. Schools should be a place where such topics are covered as well. Immoral and unethical behavior should be discussed and analyzed in class because it helps a student understand why behaving in such a way is morally wrong.

To be able to solve the problem of students’ broken moral compasses, it is vital to establish what its root is. The answer to this question is obvious: working conditions in public schools are way worse than in private educational institutions. Teachers are paid less. Yet, more is expected of them. That is why they are not encouraged to do more when doing the bare minimum is what they get paid for. Their efforts are not appreciated. To deal with this issue, the government needs to pay more attention to the problems that exist in the public school system and to increase its funding. Then, teachers will be more interested in doing their job to the best of their ability.

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