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Need a CMM Machine? Buy One Used, and From a Dealer

Need a CMM Machine? Buy One Used, and From a Dealer

Published by Programme B

After decades of global dominance, manufacturing in North America during the late 20th century was threatened by competition from countries with fewer regulations and cheaper labour. Factories around the continent responded to globalization by increasing production line automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs — one key tool in this has been the coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Now CMM machines perform quality control with greater accuracy and for less expense than was previously possible. These machines give a serious boost to your company’s efficiency, but to get the absolute most from your CMM machine, here are the reasons why you should buy one used and from an authorized dealer.

Formal Code of Ethics

Buying a CMM machine from a dealer authorized by the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) is the only way to get important guarantees that you won’t receive when buying from an auction or from an individual seller.

The MDNA guarantees a response to all inquiries about the CMM machine purchase with accurate descriptions about the machine’s condition, specifications, as well as adherence to industry terms and definitions. If the CMM machine proves to be mechanically unsatisfactory, they will issue a refund or repair it at dealer’s option.

When you buy a CMM machine from an independent seller or at auction, you’re on your own.

Go Hard on Software

You don’t only buy the equipment itself when you buy a used CMM machine, but did you know this equipment comes with important software inside it too? The software that comes with your used CMM machine may be outdated or simply not the best software for your needs.

Authorized CMM dealers can give you expert guidance and reliable advice about CMM software. They can tell you if the software that comes with the CMM machine is inadequate or not, and can direct you to the ideal software solution.

Reliable Inspections

When you look inside a CMM machine to do an inspection, what do you see? Most people who buy CMM machines want to benefit from the machinery’s efficiency, but don’t know the first thing about maintaining them. Independent sellers can’t inspect this equipment reliably.

Buying a CMM machine from an authorized dealer is smart because you’ll know that the drive systems, probes, airlines, cabling, and bearings have all undergone a thorough inspection. Dealers can guarantee that your used CMM machine will work the way it’s supposed to right from the time you buy it, or they’ll fix it for you free of charge. You can’t get this kind of assurance any other way.

Professional Installation

CMM machines are relied upon to perform quality control, so they need to perform up to spec to deliver dependable and repeatable results. Factors such as the room’s temperature can affect the CMM equipment’s performance, so the machine needs to be calibrated professionally to account for this and other such variables right from the time of installation.

Having your CMM machines installed by an authorized dealer is the best way to ensure it works perfectly, so you’ll feel confident you’re getting reliable results moving forward.

CMM machines save you money on the production line, but you can save even more money by purchasing this equipment used and from an authorized dealer.