American schools are famous for having a lot of holiday celebrations during which lots of concerts and performances typically happen. What is more, the majority of students takes part in these celebrations which presupposes that such traditions are still important and are not likely to die out soon. Here are a few back-to-school traditions that are very common for almost any American school, college or university. Learning more about the things which are important for an average American student will help you understand their culture better. What is more, acquiring new knowledge in different areas is always an advantage.

One of the most important sports events in American schools is called March Madness. During this period of time, it is all about basketball. Surely, there exists academia’s rivalry as every school does their best to win. The whole point of this event is to channel the students’ interest in sports into some other educational activities. As a result of that, they have fun and study at the same time.

During Women’s History Month the whole focus is on the prominent women who have played a vital role not only in the history of the United States of America but also in shaping the history of the world. Students tend to get really engaged in this event and create lots of presentations to celebrate all those brave women who were not afraid to do everything they could to have their hearing. Another fun holiday to mention which every school in America celebrates is Halloween. There is no need to highlight how important this holiday is in the United States of America. Speaking about the celebrations of Halloween at schools and colleges, it goes like this: everyone shows up in costumes; the school is fully decorated; there are some concerts where school bands are playing and there may be a theatrical performance (a rather spooky one).

What differs American schools from educational institutions in other countries is that they are really excited about celebrating the back-to-school day. During this day, lots of activities are aimed at making sure every single student feels at home. What is more, the goal is to make a smooth transition from having a break to active studying. A lot of motivational speeches are given to encourage students to do their best during the academic year.

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