Surfing in the summer is ideal when the sun is shining, but when it gets a little bit cooler, it can be difficult to work out exactly what you wear. In this article, we will be giving you a shortlist of some of the surfwear that you could opt for this summer when looking to head down to the beach.

Board Shorts

Surfing in the summer is completely dependant on where you are in the world but when surfing in the UK, board shorts can be used, as well as wetsuits to tackle all weather conditions. This gives you the movement that you need whilst surfing without overheating. These can be purchased at a number of retailers as well as online, allowing you to grab a new pair should you need them before heading out onto the waves to achieve your personal best.

Rash Guard

If it is too cold for just a simple board short, there is also the additional option of a rash guard to help combat the cool of the water and help to keep you warmer for longer. This is much like a t-shirt and can be worn whether you are out in the waves or lounging on the beach whilst ensuring you are in complete comfort. With brands such as Rip Curl, Billabong and Osprey all creating high-quality rash guards, you can find the perfect fit for you in whatever brand you like. If you are buying a rash guard online, it is crucial that you look at the sizing chart beforehand as every fit is completely different depending on the brand.

Short Wetsuit

If you are someone that loves to go surfing in all weather conditions, then the short wetsuit is ideal for spring weather as well as the cooler of summer days. With long sleeves as well as cropped legs, you get the movement needed to tackle even the biggest of waves whilst retaining your body temperature. There are a number of cuts in this particular design, allowing you to find the right one that suits your surfing style and fits you like a second skin.

Neoprene Vest

The final surfing must-have for this particular season is a neoprene vest or jacket. This helps to keep the core of the body warm when you are in the water, allowing you to protect vital organs such as the heart. By keeping this part of the body warm from the chill, you will be able to stay in the water significantly longer, making it the perfect lightweight option for competitions or a day of training to beat your personal best. This lightweight item can also be worn under a rash guard if needed to add an additional layer of warmth.

Regardless of when you are next planning to head out on the water, you can have exactly what you need with this shortlist of items to help you head out on the water in complete comfort and catch your best wave yet. Which will you be buying first?