Many games offer some form of a bonus, there’s plenty over at 666 Casino that does anyway. Depending on if a deposit is made or not the bonus will either be free spin or maybe a cash bonus.

With a new player that is yet to make a deposit, the game may offer successive bonuses to entice the player back and get a commitment from the player to keep returning. It may be that any form of cash bonus won’t be paid out until the player has deposited a particular wager on the game. The wagering requirements are generally quite high so that the player cannot just walk away after a payout having wagered on a small amount. That said, there are also no deposit bonuses, which are mainly used by new players who wish to try out a game. They don’t make a deposit or invest any money into the game and the bonus they receive is in a noncash format such as free spins or some form of incentive to keep the player coming back.

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Bonuses also give a new player a chance to try a game. Many games will offer welcome bonuses and sometimes more than one so that the new player keeps coming back for more. A welcome bonus doesn't just apply to new players, however, it can also apply to players who may place a higher than average wager on a game.

Some games also offer a referral bonus. The person who is recommending the game to another player will receive a bonus as will the new player. However, the referrer will only receive their bonus once the new player completes a certain level and wagers a certain amount. It’s not as simple as just referring a new player.

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There is also a sticky bonus. Online casinos may offer you free cash as such to play, however, you can’t withdraw it you can only bet again. If you do win the game then you can withdraw the money you paid in but not the sticky bonus amount. Again, it is a way for the player to remain committed to the game. It gives the player an additional opportunity to win and will spend longer playing the game as they are in essence being paid to carry on playing.

Should you visit a traditional casino and play online casino you will see a substantial difference. Traditional casinos, as a rule, don’t operate a bonus system, they don’t need to whereas online casinos are facing a lot of competition as more and more games come onto the market and therefore they need an incentive to lure players away from other games to theirs and to remain loyal to their game. It may even be that certain online games offer loyalty bonuses too.

All in all the majority of online casinos offer some form on bonus and if you come across a game that doesn't then keep looking as there will be a similar game out there that does.