Children’s Day celebration at educational institutions in Brazil

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Children’s Day in Brazil is celebrated on the 12th of October. The holiday of Patron Saint is celebrated on the same day in Brazil as well. Basically, this day is centered around celebrating children and childhood. What is vital to highlight is that this holiday is celebrated by everyone in Brazil. Children receive gifts from their parents on this day.

The tradition to celebrate Children’s Day dates back to 1923. The reason why October 12th was chosen was because of the fact that the Congress for Children was hosted in Rio de Janeiro on this particular many years ago. What is particularly fascinating is that even college students receive gifts from their parents on this day as they are still viewed as children by their parents. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for a student to take a break from the learning process, to forget about their college and university academic writing tasks and spend some time with the people they love.


Children’s Day is celebrated in all educational institutions in Brazil as well. A lot of activities are centered around children. In other words, this day is all about children when it is celebrated at schools while the importance of this holiday is highlighted at colleges and universities. What is also vital to highlight is that children and students have the entire week off due to the celebration of Children’s Day in Brazil. This period of time can be used in any way a person wants. A lot of people decide to go on vacations to spend time with their families. Some people even claim that Children’ Day is a more significant holiday in Brazil than Christmas. All in all, the main reason why so much attention is paid to celebrating Children’s Day is that it is important for the country and its government to show that children are appreciated and valued. Being brought up in a family when one feels loved and respected helps a person develop into a happy and successful human being that is both physically and mentally healthy.

Speaking about the field of business, it is quite clear that this holiday is very advantageous for sales as a lot of parents are trying to do their best to give their children the best gift possible. Surely, a lot of companies that manufacture toys have a huge increase in sales on Children’s Day. What is more, a lot of advertisements in regards to Children’s Day celebration start a few weeks before the holiday to be able to attract as many customers as possible. Apart from that, a lot of non-governmental organizations take part in celebrating as well. For instance, a lot of events are organized for refugees and orphans.

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