The gambling industry has undergone massive changes over the past decade and in recent years, those changes have stemmed from a place of technology and digital focus. Without a doubt, one of the biggest trends to hit gambling is the rise of online betting and digital platforms. We’ve taken a look at how the digital world has impacted gambling, the different trends we’ve seen and what it means for betting today.


Cryptocurrency is becoming more widespread as online casinos become more popular, providing punters with another option for payment. While Bitcoin has had its ups and downs, it’s still a popular form of payment and is increasingly associated with gambling and online betting sites. One of the reasons for this is that it offers greater security benefits in terms of avoiding identity fraud and security breaches. Similarly, the use of debit and credit cards has increased not just in online betting but also for offline sites which are a surprisingly new addition to betting shops.

Mobile Casinos

This year, mobile casinos have shot up in popularity and many sites have been optimized for the mobile user. From the bonuses provided to entice new players like betting tips for free to the wide variety of games on offer that seems to increase day by day, mobile casinos are now a huge business and form a massive part of the overall gambling industry. A major benefit of mobile casinos is the flexibility and convenience they offer punters compared to brick and mortar casinos and betting shops. With mobile casinos, punters can place wagers or play games from anywhere, making it a lucrative option for businesses and a flexible choice for people looking to gamble.

Live Casinos and Virtual Reality

High-end online casinos are now offering live games where a real dealer manages the game in real-time and players watch as the game unfolds from a physical venue. The games that are played live are not only more exciting than digital versions but they’re also as close as someone can get to playing in a real casino, with all the convenience of sitting at home or while on the go. The next step for this technology is sure to be a virtual reality where players would be right in the heart of the action and it’s something that looks to be in the works for the not-too-distant future.

Market Developments

New products are constantly coming out to provide customers with new and exciting games and this year has been no exception, with companies picking up on trends such as superheroes and seasonally-themed games and incorporating them into betting games. Companies are continually trying to find something that gives them the edge over competitors and venturing into different markets, whether it’s games, technology or esports betting, is one way they’ve achieved that. Businesses need to be savvier in how they approach new markets, ensuring that they stay up to date with trends and the interests of the consumer in order to keep players interested. 

Photo by carlos baeza from Pexels