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The Most Popular Pizza Toppings of All Time

The Most Popular Pizza Toppings of All Time

Published by Programme B

Pizza is the best. It might seem conclusive, but it does hold a lot of truth in its own right. The reason why pizza has always been popular is the mere fact that it can quickly adapt due to the number of toppings you can use on it. The reason why pizza advertising ideas have always been popular

Today, let’s check out the most popular toppings that all of us have ordered on our pizza.


Any pizza from your favorite pizzeria growing up, to newer places like Omega Pizza and Wings, will have a choice for you to get pepperoni as a topping because it goes well with anything. It’s a versatile meat that’s almost synonymous with an American pizzeria, which a lot of people grew up with.

According to a study, pepperoni ranks first at 53 percent of respondents, saying that it is one of their favorite toppings of all time.


The popularity of mushrooms stems from their meaty texture and great taste. They rarely overpower a dish but their taste can be considered creamy. They make for a great addition to any meat pizza, but they’re certainly an even greater wonder in vegetarian-type pizzas. Think of it as a meat replacement.

Shrimp (or Chicken)

If you’re tired of the typical meat toppings on your pizza, one of the best alternatives is either chicken or shrimp. Chicken is just wonderfully savory with a unique taste, and shrimp makes for a great seafood alternative.


Peppers aren’t just responsible for the color of your pizza, but they’re great to add a little crunch to what you are eating. Some can even have a slight spice to them. There are different kinds of peppers, too, if you are looking for some texture, as well as color and flavor. However, green peppers have always been a staple.


Technically, pepperoni is a type of American sausage, but sausage doesn’t have the same spice of pepperoni, and they have a thicker cut, making any pizza that they are on meatier. However, spice isn’t the only main difference between sausages and pepperoni. There are different types of sausages available for use on your pizza, such as mild or spicy.

The great thing about sausages as a topping is that it’s heavy and, if you’re starving, it makes for a filling topping.


There aren’t a lot of people who don’t like bacon. It’s popular because of its salty and savory taste. How often have people ordered for a pizza delivery on a whim and thought of getting bacon, and didn’t have to think twice about it?

Black Olives

A lot of people like olives, but black olives bring a certain tang and sweetness to any pizza. It is also native to Italy, so it brings that vibe of pizza’s roots. It makes a great addition to clear your palette from the savory taste of meat, and they don’t overpower your pizza.


According to a report, the most popular type of pizza is the cheese pizza, which automatically catapults cheese on top of the list. Thirty-seven percent of people in the study cited by the report have ordered a plain cheese pizza. So if you’re looking for the one the most popular toppings, it’s got to be cheese. In fact, in the same study cited, “Extra Cheese” came out in the top 10.

There are so many types of cheese that you can put on pizza that some places even combine these. You’ve got:

  • Mozzarella
  • Cheddar
  • Goat
  • Parmesan
  • Ricotta

And a whole lot more!


Just like black olives, onions bring a certain tang to your taste buds, but this time, there is a nutty spice to onions. They are non-invasive to the rest of your pizza toppings, and they can color and flavor any bland meat.


Hawaiian Pizza is one of the most controversial pizzas ever since Samm Panopoulos invented it in 1962. A lot of people are either highly against it or proponents of it.

However, one fact remains: pineapple as a topping will always be considered to be one of the most popular pizza toppings because it adds sweetness to the savory quality of the other toppings.

In the same study about pepperoni, 17 percent of people in the Western US named pineapple as one of their favorite toppings.


Whatever topping you like the most, what matters is your fond appreciation for one of the most versatile dishes in the world. Whether you eat it on plates or consume it right from the box, the love for pizza is universal.