What Is Zen Interior Design and How Can You Use It at Home?

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It’s a crazy, hectic world out there and that means people are always looking for ways to calm down, reset, and recharge. Folks these days flock to yoga studios, download meditation apps, and spend surprising amounts of money on cold-pressed juices, all in the name of living a healthy and balanced life.

Balance is the key to a Zen style of home, so for those who are looking for that extra balance and a sense of calm and serenity, this style of interior design is perfect for your home. The great thing about turning to a traditional way of living like Zen to inspire your interior design is that you can incorporate as many or as few traditional components that you like.

For instance, think about the window manufacturers in Canada and the services they provide: they are not necessarily inherently Zen, but there are ways to maximize and update your home’s windows and doors to promote the pared-down, simple living that Zen promotes. Want to find out what you can do to your home to make it a more relaxing place to spend your time? Read on.



Zen living is all about balance and releasing the energy from a space, which means removing as many obstacles as you can. You don’t have to tear down all your walls and go completely open concept, but try to think of your home as if there was clear water flowing through it.

You want your space to feel like an unrestricted place where rooms flow into one another. One way to achieve this effect is through the use of natural lighting. Opening up your home with bigger and brighter windows will let you better control the airflow in your home as well as make space look bigger thanks to all the added natural light. Keep wood floors bare where you can and keep them clean and polished so the light really makes an impact.


The design theory around Zen is all about light. It relief on daylight and artificial light that mimics sunlight and can be dimmed and controlled to create an ambiance. Go for natural colors like browns, greens, and soft whites — anything that appears as if it were out in nature.

Incorporate bamboo, unbleached textiles, stripped plank floors, and other earthy materials to create a space that is gentle on the eyes. Accent pieces and the occasional pop of color are encouraged since there are plenty of gorgeous flowers and plants to be found in the natural world.


You can live the simplistic and serene Zen life without getting rid of all of your belongings. Sure, this style of living is commonly associated with the contemplative, non-materialistic monks who practice the art of Zen … but you still have to maintain a certain standard of twenty-first-century living. After all, your interior design has to be functional and beautiful.

You can still have all the modern comforts of electronics and gadgets, you can keep your books and vases, you just should try to find a way to reduce the number of things that you see at a time. Built-in cabinets that retreat into single-color walls can hold almost anything and look discreet, too. Sure, you can still edit and reduce things like your clothes in order to really make space breathe. In the end, you’ll find it’s a great way to start your path toward comfortable Zen living at home.