Broccoli's issue #6 is out!

A Magazine for Cannabis Lovers
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Issue 06 is here! This fresh edition of Broccoli covers everything from expungement to the lost world of Atlantis, with butterflies landing on nearly every page. Preview the issue on our website where you can subscribe or order a single copy, and don’t forget to take a peek in our shop for some fancy limited edition Broccoli X BAGGU totes. These are a limited edition design in celebration of Issue 06, designed by Broccoli's own JJ Wright. 


"The ancient Greeks used the same word for butterfly as they did for soul (as in, the soul of the dead): psyche. Then, excavated from beneath the volcanic ash of Pompeii, mosaic butterfly wings were found nestled alongside skulls and wheels—messages of death, rebirth, time, and transformation." 

Issue 06's Aurelians, words by Dana Covit and photography by Nong Rak.