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Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Watch has been an integral part of life to manage one’s time in almost all the spheres with which one is associated. From the standpoint of coping up with the time scale of every work at hand, the need of the clock can be nowhere undermined. Ranging from a simple basis to complex forms, Watches have evolved in their forms with the advent of technology. 

  1. In the beginning, it was the Mechanical basis having the mechanism of Springs that used to drive the system to display the time. This happened to be very interesting to understand by the seekers of Physics who still find it to be one of the finest Inventions. 
  2. Then came up the Electronics Watch which consists of the Quartz Crystals that vibrate at a certain fixed rate to produce the desirable Pulse. This gives the accurate reading of Time. 
  3. The Piezo Electric Effect duly conducts this process of resonance to create a stable Frequency. Likewise, it is converted into Timekeeping order to give the Time.
  4. Again, a new method was employed in the Watch which had been the trend for many years of the last century. The Electronic watch was made to demonstrate the Analog Display of Time by gearing up the mechanical parts on the face of the display.
  5. With the advancement of Technology, Digitalization of the Electronic Pulse took place which lead to the development of Digital watches. It has dominated the market because of its high reliability and doesn’t need much maintenance.
  6. Now this is the era of Smartwatch that one wears as wristwatch comprising of the Computer applications embedded in its interface for the user to utilize them with ease. It gives the benefit of accessing the immediate online stuff like email and Social Media.
  7. With GPS systems in Watch, one can also trace locations. Also used for Calls and Messages, it resembles Mobile Phone up to much extent but it has Portability as the advantage. 
  8. Moreover, Watch has been the Symbol of Style and it adds grace to the Persona. It corresponds to the Lifestyle of an individual and a choice. The exquisite looks of Wristwatch that one wears surely let him/her to gain attention among one’s Circle.
  9. The latest trend of Wristwatch has a wide range, varying in their Shapes, Design of the Straps and Colours. The Steel made body of Watch is in vogue because of the polished luminescence of the Nickel. 
  10. Branded Watch of best qualities for different Skin tones like fair, dusky; wide variety of Colours of Watch are available which one can select based on one’s perspective. 
  11. Now to mention a fabulous Watch that surpassed the test of time and enthrals the Fashion Lovers for many years is Rolex Watch. It has always been manufactured by the finest technical Perfection and Pure materials. 
  12. Of course, the exquisite appeal of these Branded Watches makes a strong fascination about them among the Celebrities, Scientists, Artists and so on. Thus, it is the most renowned brand for Luxurious Watches with highly enhanced modern Configurations.  

Photo by hassan mehdi from Pexels